slow me up: candy dish

I know it is sort of old lady, but I find a candy dish charming. This one is from Avventura in New York City. It just says “I’m always ready to entertain visitors…or at least a good idea.” Now, the hunt for the best hard candy.


peachdenise said...

Jolly Ranchers are always a favorite hard candy. :) Oh, and I must say, I love the color of that candy dish! Not many people I've met have the boldness to incorporate orange in their lives. I don't know why. It's a stupendous color!

Sophia said...

Dear Dominque, I have a suggestion for you based on your love of tea: Bergamot de Nancy. They are the tastiest candies ever!

Thank you so much for your amazing words and images. Losing my job also forced me to stop and think about what is important in this life. Though it has not always sunshine and pancakes, I know I'm a happier and better person for it!

I thought you might enjoy this blog too: http://www.mrfergusonsclassroom.com/ In it, there are some pictures of bento boxes that moms lovingly prepared for their kids.

Thank you for helping me take a moment to ponder the beauty and magnificence of nature and life.

I hope you and your garden enjoy the Spring!