Potting Therapy

The weather has been extraordinarily weird here in Rhode Island. We’ve gone from flooding of Biblical proportions; in some towns entire shopping malls are underwater, and it looks like the end of the world. Thankfully, my house was spared, but only because I had replaced two defunct sump pumps a few weeks ago. I have decided that I have Basement Issues; they must be confronted, but more on that another time.

Meantime, my house smells glorious. The beginning of spring is wafting through every room.  I bought a couple of Easter lilies and a royally purple hyacinth from Rick at Peckham’s Nursery down the road, and we all know how heady those things are. I’m keeping them inside until they topple, then they are going into the garden.

The best part of my week has been spent at Opus Plants, Ed Bowen’s nursery. Whenever I can, I put in potting time. This has become a mainstay of my RI life. It started last summer, when I realized that he needed help, and I needed plants to resurrect the garden that had become a construction site when my old house rotted away and had to be rebuilt. I instantly joined the barter economy. The minute I walked into Ed’s greenhouse, I remembered the many months I had spent at the Wellesley College greenhouses during the one year I resided there. The air has a distinctive odor and weight and humidity in a greenhouse, and an hour breathing it is equivalent to a two-week vacation anywhere.

I go to Opus for potting therapy. Today, I had to pick bulblets (at least that’s what I thought Ed was asking for--but then he corrected me: bulbils) out of pots of rotten Begonia grandis remains. (Ed never ceases to be amazed by my ignorance, I can tell.) This tedious job gave me time to contemplate hand/eye coordination, which led me to thinking about child labor, which led to thinking about carpet weaving, which led to thinking about the differences between girls and boys…It took a good hour to salvage enough Begonia bulbils before I could move on to sheering the tops off Ed’s peculiarly chartreuse Santolina (Lemon Fizz). As soon as I started cutting them back, a powerfully sharp, dry odor wafted up, which led me to thinking about California, which led to thinking about my son Theo, who goes to school there. My baby grown-up brother and his family live there--his wife Diane is my best editor--so then I worried about the earthquake they recently experienced, and the earthquake Theo and I experienced last year, our first. We were visiting my brother. It felt as though the ground had turned into a carpet being shaken out, rippling fluidly under our feet. We looked at each other, and Theo said in a quavering voice, “Mom, is that me? Did you feel that?” We were stunned. I had always thought I was on solid ground. Now I know what it means to be shaken, not stirred.

As I was sheering the Santolina, trying to round off each plant, I was thinking about my brother’s fetching children, Dexter and Eva, and their blond locks, and how nice and neatening are children's haircuts. Then Ed’s radiant wife Ivy dropped by with their two children Alistair and Myles. They all have preternaturally pale blue eyes.  Smyles, as we call him for obvious reasons, was up for a big sniff of Santolina, and that made me smile, thinking it might make him sneeze. This made me think about my sons when they were tousle-headed boys….and so it goes. I could not bring myself to throw away the clippings of Santolina and took them home and put them in bowls.

There is nothing like potting therapy to calm one’s nerves. The other great thing about logging in greenhouse time is that Ed never lets me leave empty-handed. For that matter, I never let myself leave empty-handed. I’ll take anything he would otherwise throw away. This time, he clipped a couple of delicate flowers that he explained were gladiolas, though they looked rather fey compared to their common cousins. “Put them in a dark place, and see what happens,” he said.

When I went into the only dark place in my house later in the afternoon, the pantry smelled like an ancient Persian harem. These flowers only let go of themselves at night. I cannot get over their powdery, sweet, sharp, woody fragrance. My entire house is replete with scents, and it is doing wonders for my sensibility. 


And, for the hardcore, here follows Ed's elucidation:
xHomoglad 'General Smuts' was the name originally given to the cross
between Homoglossum watsonium and Gladiolus tristis by  Colingwood
"Cherry" Ingram (so nicknamed b/c he wrote a book on flowering cherries).
Homoglossum has been taxonomically returned to Gladiolus, so it's no
longer considered an intergeneric cross, but it's understandably difficult
to do away w/ the name, so they're still usually called the Homoglad


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

No one does perfume better than Mother Nature.
I remember being up in Ipswich, Mass. one May when the lilacs were blooming. Every afternoon, the innkeeper would pick some and put them in our room. It was heavenly.

Here, I am watching my gardenia bushes greedily. I love to sleep with them by my bed. They make for the most wonderful dreams.

Karena said...

I have always loved lilacs! So fragrant and lovely in a huge vase.

Art by Karena

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

I want to pot now.

Deana Sidney said...

Don't you get some of your best ideas when doing odd jobs like potting? I always wish I had a little pad with me... which I never do. Something about hands moving and soil and the smells of the plants just frees up that part of your brain that seizes up when you want it to be creative!

I have never heard of this wonderful gladiola but you are getting the good end of this barter... you must be learning so much from Ed who is obviously passionate about what he does. And to think, in your old life you would have phoned and ordered and had it done for you!

Ciel said...

i love your enthusiasm its very infectious! i am contemplating some re-potting too, mostly of things in my life rather than flowers at the moment as i just returned from a trip to Japan and its given me new eyes for colour and juxtaposition which i am applying to everything i do not least gazing out the window and noticing the yellow forsythia against the late flowering gorgeous bright pink camelias a little faded but still so beautiful i may have to photograph them for you!

An Aesthete's Lament said...

My daughter, age eight, and I spent last week-end filling pots with bulbs and such to mass in the front garden, close to the clapboard of the house. When I planned the garden (which incorporates four square beds enclosed by a picket fence) a three-foot-deep area of gravel was left along the front of the house, flanking the stone steps and running the full length of the building. Here we are massing all manner of pots filled with elephant's ears, freesia, cannas, Oriental lilies, and more. It was a wonderful way to spend a long day, and for a few pots, I allowed my daughter to choose what would be planted. She chose well, I think, and if not, it doesn't matter. All we wanted was a riot of flowers and foliage.

Splenderosa said...

Absolute therapy, this potting/gardening thing. But, until I read this post I wasn't aware of my wandering mind conjuring up all sorts of images...which I now acknowledge. The feeling of peace is so fulfilling, isn't it? And afterward we are so rewarded with beautiful blossoms every day, like a gift from God to us who nurture. xx's Marsha

Anonymous said...

"When I went into the only dark place in my house later in the afternoon, the pantry smelled like an ancient Persian harem."
Lovely post, so evocative!


Layanee said...

I stopped to see Rick Peckham just today and his greenhouses are voluptuous with plants. These days I can be found lying prone in the garden with my nose buried full tilt in the Viola odorata. Another magical spring fragrance.

Unknown said...

I always loved reading your HG columns so I'm happy to have found your bog. This entry today is particularly wonderful; I love how you've woven in the free associations your mind follows when your hands are involved in such a "basic" task. Very nice.

C said...

LOVE IT, love it, love it.


david terry said...

Oh, one of the best summer jobs I ever had was working at a very-upscale, "boutique" nursery outside of Charlottesville, VA. I was a 25 y.o.,broke perpschool (a typo, but I'll let that stand) teacher, and I paid my summer "rent" by hauling back, each day, all the "rejects"....the hundreds of plants, bushes, and small trees that had been even slightly damaged in transport. Ours was not a clientele which could handle imperfection with any composure (which always made me wonder why in the hell they wanted to take up that perpetual series of disappointments called "gardening"). My landlady ("Miss Mary Jane Divine", who long ago became simply a good friend) had bought a huge place which she'd promptly re-named "Hell Acre". Everyday, she'd return from her office in town, and we'd giddily review everything I'd brought for her. Basically (and, as a single, working woman, she appreciated this), she got several thousand dollars worth of free plants. This was 1985, so several thousand dollars was rather a lot. In any case, 99-cents is not a bargain if you do not HAVE 99-cents. In this case, however, the price was right, and she began referring to her garden as "The Albermarle County Shelter for Battered Plants".

25 years later, though?....all those perennials, slightly asymmetrical bushes, and flowering trees (most of which had, after falling off the back of a truck or being smashed by a mulch-mover, arrived... looking like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree) have grown and multiplied...and Mary Jane's generally thought to have one of the prettiest gardens around town.

I don't garden there anymore, although I sitll visit often. Her second success story entailed her marrying (at age fifty and for the first time) a very pleasant, remarkably handsome (yup...6'2", black hair, piercing-blue-eyes-only-for-her....generally quite worth the wait) man who also just happens to be a landscape architect who's fond of whisking her off for, say, a tour of the Gardens of Normandy (that was last Spring)?

All of which is to say that I enjoyed your post and think this habit of "bartering" is a fine thing.

thanks again for your blog, of course.

David Terry

Anonymous said...

Oh, good going, Dominique. From high-powered editrix to greenhouse volunteer, and doesn't it yield some marvelous material for a blog, especially when you take it where you do.

Susan said...

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