SlOW ME UP! Stationery

I went riffling through a stack of miscellaneous note paper, looking for something nice on which to answer a kind note from someone I haven't seen in years, Fern Nesson; she sent me the gift of her lovely book, I Am Awake.

My stationery wardrobe, as they say, is in a state of dishevelment. It looks like the cast-offs from a thrift shop, to be honest. And I actually like to write notes. Why am I depriving myself of the pleasure of beautiful paper? My friend Caroline is the Queen of Notes; she is always dipping into stationery shops to buy something beautiful. I'm going to take a page from her Slow Love Life lessons, and order up something nice.

Meantime, the uber-talented artist and calligrapher Bernard Maisner is releasing a new image in his exquisite line. I am going to save up my money for a splurge--it  is as much a gift to write on these notecards as it is to receive them in the mail. Even browsing through his website is delightful. He sent me this image of an elephant--and I know just who I'm buying this card for: two friends who are building what I'm calling the Elephant Pavilion in their garden.

I think it is time for me to get letterhead with my name engraved at the top. So what if I'm not sporting a company logo? There is something deliberate, and indelible, and proud, about a name engraved on paper, and that is the message I want to send.


A Well-Versed Mom said...

An Elephant Pavilion? Wow. Sounds fabulous. My imagination is running wild...

I love having beautiful stationery - it inspires me to write letters. I am a big proponent of the lost art of letter writing in this Age of Email. Sadly, I don't practice what I preach often enough.

Your post has reminded me that I need to remedy this.

So glad I discovered you(via a dear friend via the NYT)! Looking forward to more slow love...

An Aesthete's Lament said...

I am enormously fond of anything by G. Lalo, Cassegrain, and, yes, Papyrus. At my side right now I have open a box of Firenze by Papyrus, a lovely whisper-grey paper with a narrow dark-coral border and lined envelopes.

home before dark said...

Getting a truly hand-addressed letter on beautiful paper is such a gift. My letter carrier says putting one in a mail slot makes her tremble because it is such a rare occurrence. (Don't you love the idea that sending beauty out into the world touches people you don't know in ways you could never expect?) Love the idea of your own Slow Me Up letterhead.

Karena said...

Dominique, the art of writing, notes, letters. It is so special to receive a note from a friend!

Art by Karena

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

And think how much fun you can have designing your own logo.

I generally purchase my stationery in art supply stores... wonderful papers that bend to my will.

EmmaLee said...

I've recently determined to write more little encouraging notes to friends and family. The stationery choices these days are endless. I enjoy the ones I've found so much I arranged them in a cute box and use it as decor. They're too pretty to store away in a drawer!

Toad said...

Didn't you love the old English stationary.

Old Manor
nearest Picadilly,
Sutton on the Weir
exchange Topping

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Shall we all start a movement? Draw ink from well (maybe not), take time to encourage others on beautiful writing paper? I'm ALL for it!

Nan said...

There is nothing that inspires one to write letters more than some fabulous new stationary...and there is nothing more fabulous than receiving a lovely letter unexpectedly. Thanks for the inspiration!

Margaret said...

You might want to study these inspiring letterheads (or at least stop and visit this way fun site):

scribbler50 said...

Long live the "written" word! So much is revealed in so many ways in viewing the script of the hand, all of which is lacking e-mail and text. It's the gift of thoughts you can actually hold in your hands. And Keep!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that John would love the card...

A Bird in Hand said...

Off subject a little...still about writing....your writing to be more specific. I just found this site and blog. THOROUGHLY enjoying reading you again. I have already pre-ordered your book and have just reread "Around the House and In the Garden." Starting "Path of Desire" this afternoon for the second time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts will us all.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I wish more people wrote notes and sent them via mail.

E-mail is not the same thing.

Notes from a Broad said...

lol, I especially like the Hausengarten address !

I remember having beautiful handwriting .... Before email.
Now I can't read it myself !

About letters ... I live in South America and while email is fabulous and thank God for it, I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get out of having the Porter slip a real honest to goodness envelope under the door.
I save them. ( I save everything ) but still, taking out a letter and reading it again, there is just so much more to it than getting an email.

( Dominique, I still have the letters from H&G telling me that they were going to publish my Letters to the Editor )

My letters, I type with a pretty font to be sure everyone can figure out what I said ( I told you my handwriting is bad now) and I send them and it is a guessing game as to when they will receive them... No one says anything good about the Argentine Postal Service for a good reason.

Love Where You LIve said...

I should have mentioned before (I just left a message somewhere above this) that I can here by way of Willow Decor. Nice interview, great blog. cheers, -susan

Anonymous said...

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