I've just posted an entry to a wonderful site called Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations. I learned about it from my colleague Nicole Villeneuve at Atlas & Co. Flashlight Worthy provides lists of books, organized around clever and often surprising themes. My list is about Family Sagas; I'm addicted to books that give a sense of a country's history through the narrative of a family--such as one of my favorites, The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. Peter Steinberg's blog is a terrific source of ideas for book groups.


Amy said...

I recently read Hawaii by James Michener. It fits right into the family saga/history of the land - it was such an incredible book, even though it's such a long book, I was hoping it would never end :)
I saw your book at the newstand recently - can't wait to check it out!

C.J. said...

That's the best site - thanks so much!


Anonymous said...


I bought your book Monday at the B & N on 86th Street. I had to search and search for it - even though their webiste indicates that it is 'in stock' it was nowhere to be found. I was sent downstairs, then back upstairs, then downstairs again. Finally an employee found it in a back stock room. Well, all that said, I am up to page 75 and love it! I would call it Flashlight Worthy, for sure. I went through the same shit you did - lost my job which defined me as yours did you - started eating way too much, blah blah blah. I went from being a success in business and lecturing at Harvard to pouring the first glass of wine at 3pm. After 6 months I finally said ENUF is ENUF and I started my own business - and I am really enjoying it and doing well. Turns out it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Oh, and I have become a great cook! All the best, Will

Dominique said...

OH NO...the worst thing to hear...the book is in the basement...but I'm powerless on this front. If this is the East side, I am speaking there sometime soon, so perhaps they haven't shelved it yet? In any event, I'm glad you got to ENUF, to say nothing of learned to cook. Bravo! And thank you so much for buying the book.

Anonymous said...

Yes, getting to ENUF and cooking are both good things!

By the way, your description of the interaction with the real estate broker when selling your house - very very funny and well written - especially the description of your perception of what you imagined her perception of you to be. The drinking alone, at noon, comment particularly.

I want to suggest as part of your book tour the show 'Morning Joe'. I watch that show regularly and read Mika Brzezinski's memoir and she had a very similar professional experience to yours and mine - one day out of the blue fired by CBS and she felt her life as she knew it was over - and she remade herself. Often they have authors promoting new books on the show - and I guarnatee she would relate to your story and be intrigued by it.