It's a Wild, Wired World

I had never thought about geeks and gardens until Wired magazine asked me to write about them. Interesting world, that Wired world. For starters, the package they produced is not about gardens. It is about...terra-forming. I had to listen to Talking Heads to get in the mood, which is about as mind-bending as I can handle these days.

I cannot stop thinking about the BP debacle in the Gulf; as I write now, there is trouble with the Top Kill approach, but I'm hoping they are able to shut down the gusher. I wrote a piece about naming this crisis; you can read it in The Daily Beast. Meantime, my heart goes out to every living creature--human, fish and fowl--whose life has been upended by this unprecedented environmental disaster. Once the well gets shut down, the worst is yet to come--because that's when we start living with the consequences of irresponsible corporate and government entities. Please watch this heartbreaking clip from Good Morning America; Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, dives into the water polluted with oil and chemical dispersants.


Michele Ruta said...

I quickly read some of your blog posts this morning after my friend Deb Rech recommended that her frriends on facebook check out your blog and your book. I'm looking forward to reading so much more of your writings! Best, Michele

Laura Casey Interiors said...

The oil crisis is devastating. My in-laws are in Louisiana and they have all been through too much. Seeing the marine life is heartbreaking, I will watch the clip you posted.

enjoy the long weekend.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

My shoulders are sloping under the weight of this worry. I can only think about it for so long. I become overwhelmed with emotions that have no place to go.
I realize we are eight years behind in this thinking, but I don't understand why we don't create all the new jobs we need by vigorously working on alternative forms of energy. If not now, when?

Tru Dillon said...

I love your blog so much I hope you keep it up even after you have your book publicized.

mary said...

I cannot watch any more news about this horrible national tragedy. I feel that my heart is broken when I consider the long term consequences of this disaster, the many thousands of human lives that are affected and the millions of non-human being that have either died or will die as a consequence of the pollution. As a nation we have allowed the pollution/contamination of our food, water and air to go unabated. We suffer from cancer, obesity and a host of other health issues because we have allowed the agricultural, industrial and financial sectors of our country to value greed and bottom line decision making over public benefit. This is not what the founding fathers had envisioned when the fought for our nation. I am so sad.

Dominique said...

I know exactly how you feel--it is very hard to keep watching this awful news. And yet, how can we turn our backs? Perhaps a better question is, what can we do? I'm writing about it. But I think it is just as helpful to email your political representatives, email EDF, email anyone and everyone to tell them how much you care--how much it means to you that we stop polluting....

And yes, I intend to keep this blog going; it started when I was done with the book, because it was only then that I began to understand what my real subject was--slow love. That term didn't even come to me until long after the last chapter was finished--the introduction was the last thing I wrote. Thank you for joining the conversation!

Anonymous said...

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