New York Magazine 21 Questions

I don't often have as much fun filling out interview forms as I did with New York magazine's 21 Questions so I thought I would share it here. This is a great format, and I say this as an admiring editor: it is fun, gives people a chance to capture their personalities, and perform a few smackdowns too! Their archives are fascinating, you feel like you've been at a party and met lots of scintillating people--and the comments are impassioned. It would be fun to come up with your own personal 17 (or 7) questions and send them around to your friends and family--see what happens. A great pre-party device if you're introducing lots of people to one another--would Blushing Hostess approve? I like anything that breaks the ice... (PS Picture ran as part of a lovely story in the Hartford Courant--the painting behind me is my house goddess, The Lioness, by artist Dean Richardson. I bought it at least 20 years ago, I think. The lioness travelled with me in my car from Westchester to Rhode Island. She exudes strength and serenity. She looks so calm, but you know that her power lies coiled within her--she is ready to leap if she must!


Cindy White said...

Dominique - I love your post but the print is so tiny it is hard read!

Anonymous said...

Dominique - I found you through your article in Good Housekeeping! Whenever House & Garden arrived in the mailbox I read your column immediately and was terribly sad when that era ended. I felt as if I has lost a good friend. Yours is the only blog I now read and it seems to always inspire me to be calm and aware of all that is around me.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have such a weakness for these sorts of 20 question features. I'm off to see yours now!

Lovely day to you.

david terry said...

Hey, Ms. Browning?.....last night around 7:00?..everyone in this house was turning the place upside-down (we leave for ten days in Cordoba and Granada tomorrow morning...which entails furious bathing of dogs, consolidation of all the potted plants, writing out lists for dog and house-sitters, etc)......when I heard it announced that Maureen Corrigan was about to review "slow Love" on NPR's "Fresh Air".

Even I stopped my drill sergeant routine (for better or worse, I've recently learned that my pre-large-party or long-trip personae is referred to by a surprisingly large numnber of folks as "Hurricane David")...and we all listened to the review.

You must have been so pleased...and you certainly deserve that sort of exposure (I hope you don't need me to tell you that it can't be bought...).

I was, to be frank, more than a bit irritated (as I was when I read that nasty "anonymous" letter, with its gratuitous and missed-the-whole-damn-POINT references to some supposed "affluence") to hear Corrigan veering off about Hermes scarves, etc.

However, she retrieved that nicely (I know her reviews quite well, and she's very good at doing this) and made the point and value of your book quite clear for listeners.

I hope you were as pleased as I was by the conlcusion of that review.

Once again, congratulations....you deserve it (and aren't you pleased to find so many people resonding so enthusiastically to your work, for so very many different reasons?"

Quite sincerely,

David Terry

P,s, Having just given you a few compliments, I might as well pass on one newly middle-aged, very smart, but rather sour-toned friend's comment when she saw your book on my kitchen table....:

"Slow Love Life?....how about a completely IMMOBILE love-life? I could write the book about THAT one...."

William said...

I heard the NPR review and I agree the comment about the Hermes scarves, and other comments, were snarky. It is NPR, lest we forget - so that should be expected.

She did recover nicely in the end, however.

Unknown said...

Ms. Browning,
I was thrilled to catch the end of the review of your new book on NPR yesterday. I was distraught when the announcement came of the end of House & Garden. I followed your editor's letter each month and saved many of them as I found them so insightful. I have tried to find you on occasion on the web, to no avail until now. I have just ordered the book from my local bookstore and look forward to keeping up with your writing from now on. I have so enjoyed your first three books and can't wait for the arrival of Slow Love.
Best wishes,
Kerry Satterwhite

cvanlang said...

Love your comment about Mrs. Mingott. She would have been such a stupendous blogger - imagine that- having an opinion about everything people do.
Yes, "anonymous" can be so vicious. The cloud of anonymity is not a license to cowardice.
I am thinking once about signing "anonymous" but nah... Keep up the good work Ms. Browning, you should know how much you have boosted my morale.

Paulette P. said...

Ms. Browning,
Truly enjoying your book Slow Love. When finished, it will sit beside my well read Paths of Desire. Thank you for posting your past Editor's Columns from House & Garden on your website. I love revisiting these words.

Unknown said...

I love the way you write! Every word is carefully chosen and every sentence is beautifully written. This is most definately your calling and I hope you write many more lovely books in the future.
I just ordered your newest book and can't wait to read it.
Wish you all the best....

david terry said...

Regarding the Rev. Dr. Ms. Corrigan's mention of Hermes scarves?

At the risk of being more than usually self-indulgent, I heard that comment on NPR and suddenly found myself accessing/paraphrasing my inner Lady Bracknell (we all have one, after all's done and said)...

I thought "Dont talk that way about Hermes scarves....only people who don't have them do that, you know...."

Bemusedly as ever,

David Terry

William said...

If this question has been asked a million times (Not sure if you discussed in your book - I have not read it) thanks for your patience.

Hypothetically speaking, at some point down the road, if Conde Nast came to you and said “Ooops, we made a mistake,” and asked you to return, would you consider it?

And I ask for two reasons: one, if you said “no way” is it because you are too far past that whole experience?

OR, and more interestingly to me, is it because you have come to believe that the traditional form of producing a magazine has or will be replaced by this new on-line paradigm we are in now.

I saw the interview clip, and I think you alluded to this notion - about new ways of reaching people.

Marshyguru said...

Just came back from your B&N appearance, and I'm sure you're going to get many more compliments on a most entertaining tour through "Slow Love." I'd love to send you a copy of my new book, "Happiness Is No Laughing Matter!" (somehow, I think we're both into the same subjects), but none of our old friends from Lucca would share your home or email address with me for invitations to special events I thought you'd enjoy attending. So, please let me know if you'd like to have a copy. ...Or more!

Marshall Yaeger

Mary Witte said...

Ms Browning; We met at High Point NC 1994-1996, Mary Witte, John Widdicomb....your spiritual journey is familiar, and I commend you (Darling D)that you too are a Phoenix of dynamic proportions. I remember our last conversation at "the castle" when we talked about the sofa in your kitchen and the joy/agony/fright of raising two sons. Best of everything to you. Mary Witte

Karena said...

Dominique, I love reading all of these comments. I had an anonymous comment on my site recently and I felt so offended that someone would say these things.

Then head held high, remembered that nearly everyone who has reviewed my site and comments have been so extremely supportive.

Art by Karena

mary said...

I'm so glad to have re-found you. I used to anxiously await the arrival of H&G, not only for the glories of the magazine, but especially for your editorials and the way you would open my heart. Thank you for this amazing blog and for being vulnerable (as in open).

Victoria Thorne said...

seems to me you are a regular-four leaf clover in our lives, and have been for quite some time (with all you've done)

it's right in front of us :)

Dominique said...

Mary Witte! Welcome! I remember you so well, you always had the wisest and most interesting stories to share! So glad to reconnect--and keep writing! How can I ever forget the desk with the note underneath?

David Terry: you are so funny! Always! Thank you for the levity and support, rev/artist. I am developing a thick, silky hide to protect myself from the pecking of snarky chicks...

So sorry about the size of the typeface--I can't tell what you are seeing....it looks okay to me from this end...?

Yes, Karena, as my editor reminds me--focus on the good, don't let the bad snag in your heart and distract from what's positive--though of course we all do this!

Marshall Yaegar I'll look up your book, thank you!

and re new forms of publishing: I'm waiting for the iPad to come down in price and go up in options, but what I've seen of magazines formatted on them is incredibly exciting! The best is yet to come!

Anonymous said...

No (perceptible) make up! How refreshing. Were that that were the norm.

The Blushing Hostess said...

She approves. Hope you are well, Dominique!