Just a quick note to tell you all about a beautiful show on this weekend, May 15 and 16, in Sharon, Connecticut called Trade Secrets. It features plants as well as garden ornaments, and was founded by the inimitable designer, Bunny Williams. The handsome, proud, enormous stone lioness and her cubs in the photo were at the beautiful New York Botanical Garden Antiques show recently--and maybe she will be in Sharon, if she hasn't already found a new home. I hope she ends up in a spacious park setting--at the NYBG? or Central Park?--where she could enjoy small children pawing at her while her cubs nuzzle and sip.

My favorite nursery, Opus, will be at Trade Secrets; owner Ed Bowen has an exacting eye for the beautiful and the unusual, always a great combination. Because I love the combination of dusky purples and buttery yellows, I've chosen Clematis recta 'Velvet Night' and Erysium 'Constant Cheer' as gifts for my friend, potter Frances Palmer, who will give a lecture about her work, and what inspires it, this evening at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Happy Birthday, Frances! And I hope all of you have a happy gardening--or simply lolling about--weekend too!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I get the same excited feeling entering a greenhouse full of plants that some women do gazing into a jewelry case. I adore nurseries.

There are several garden tours in my city this weekend. I am spoiled for choice. My sun hat is ready and waiting. Enjoy your show!

Unknown said...

Ah, Bunny Williams. I loved "An Affair with a House."

Anonymous said...

Trade Secrets is 10 years old this year! An extraordinary weekend for garden lovers--and all to benefit a fantastic women's support organization! Will make a point to visit with your friend from Opus!

Reggie Darling said...

Hello Dominique: We have been going to the Trade Secrets Show for years, and wouldn't consider missing it. We're going tomorrow, and plan on arriving around ten or so. Shall we see you there? Reggie and Boy

Dominique said...

Sadly I won't be there, but happily I'll be gardening in Rhode Island, and woops--just remembered I must go mist the seedlings over at Opus. Misting the seedlings. Just the sound of it.....Enjoy the show! Let me know if the lioness lingers....d

Reggie Darling said...

Hello again,
Saturday was blissfully beautiful, perfect for the Trade Secrets show. It was very well attended, and by the time we arrived at around 11 many of the dealers had already sold more than they imagined they would during the entire day. No sign of the lioness, which I suppose was scooped up immediately! A great day, you would have loved it. I plan on doing a posting on it in the next week or so. Reggie

Unknown said...

Listening to you on NPR with Diane Rehm

Yep, me too

No job
No love
No kid in the house anymore
No longer in my 40's


No contact from some of my friends - even after we had "the chat"

And, perhaps sooner than I would like,

No home

I throw paint around on canvas, yarn around needles, and my resume to job sites.

Consulting will hold for now, but very worried.

I will read your book, Dominique. I am not a gardener, so I am new to you, and wish us both good luck,


Unknown said...

your exquisite and intimate book helped guide me into my garden at 5AM, where i saw neat little holes in the lawn from where skunks rummaged for grubs in the night. i thought, they're lucky i didn't put down any grub killer. they are probably asleep now, their bellies full.

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