Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food

I highly recommend that you read Tuna's End by Paul Greenberg, in the New York Times Magazine. It is an excerpt from his forthcoming book, Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food. The title alone is chilling. I will never eat tuna again; I had already cut way down because of the mercury content, but the idea that tuna might disappear is enough for me to boycott it entirely. I love sushi, but I love the life that gives it more.

We are killing our oceans with overfishing; climate change--we've actually managed to alter the chemistry of the ocean, killing corral reefs and other creatures; and pollution--oil being the least of it. I urge you to go online and learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a swirl of trash larger than the state of Texas (and that's the low estimate) trapped in a gyre. One grandmother in Concord, Massachusetts, Jean Hill, learned about it from her grandson, and promptly introduced and began advocating for a plastic water bottle ban in her town. The citizens voted in support of a ban, though it might be unenforceable. Right on--as we used to say, and hopefully will say again, and again, and again. We must demand of our leaders that they implement programs to clean up our planet.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It is amazing to me how much I think about my food these days. And not in relation to its calorie or fat content, as one might expect. I was disturbed to read this morning of the real possibility of genetically engineered salmon showing up at my fishmongers. One more thing I need to study. (And ironically, I posted my favourite salmon marinade on my blog just last night. Sigh.)

With so many ancient, shade producing, trees surrounding my home, I've never been able to have a vegetable garden. Fortunately, and surprisingly, my city is in the process of converting a large park into an allotment garden. I signed up immediately, and find that, more and more, I am having visions of eventually consuming very little that I don't grow myself.

Marnie said...

dr pat will have to change her diet suggestions.

joan mckniff said...

"We must demand of our leaders that they implement programs to clean up our planet." We must demand of ourselves that we, each individual, me and you, every family,home,workplace, every village to mega city, clean up the mess we've created and stop creating more mess,doing the same thing over and over. Every single person in USA could STOP USING plastic bags and water bottles today. Cold turkey;no excuses.

Dominique said...

Yes, absolutely, we also have to take individual action. But we need national, political action as well. That's the only way we will get solar and wind power, the only way we'll have major redesign of cars, the only way what we recycle will actually be used, and so on. And I agree: cold turkey, no excuses.