The Dolcelino Breakthrough

And while we are on the subject of slow food, a shout out to the newest dessert from the kitchen of the inimitable Stacey Glassman, caterer and chef extraordinaire. Stacey runs Swan's Way Catering--she is also my friend (and very first employer) Judith Daniels' sister. Style down to the fingertips runs in this family. Stacey has created a new, frozen dessert called Dolcelinos. This is what you need after you've crunched your way through all those veggies you brought home from the farmer's market.

The dolcelino is a sort of ice cream sandwich, but the ice cream has a mousse-like quality to it, lighter than regular ice cream, and the sandwich is a cookie. She makes several combinations; my favorite is the ginger lemon, but the chocolates are extraordinary too.

Right now you can only get Dolcelinos in a few of Maine's best food shops. Whole Foods in Portland, Maine, has picked them up. But the first time I bit into a Dolcelino, I felt like I was at the beginning of a dessert revolution. I love this reinvention of that childhood delight, the ice cream sandwich. Remember when Stoneyfield Yogurts were hard to find? or Nantucket Nectar came out of a cooler on a dock? I can't wait for Dolcelinos to be available everywhere.


pve design said...

When my daughter was in 3rd grade, we made chip cookies and sandwiched ice cream in the middle. We did this for the entire class and every last morsel was eaten. It was a beastly hot day. I did not know of the ubiquitous chipwich sandwich which was first sold on the streets of manhattan, before the carts had license to sell. A friend told me about this as Mr.Chipwich recently departed the planet earth. Perhaps you will add this to your research. I know writers love research. Artsists too.
I have seen many renditions of this ice cream sandwich and this one looks delightful. I am glad it is in Maine and not nearby. Back to fruits and veggies for me.

Cristina said...

uh-oh... it's "terrible" to look at this mouth watering desserts right now, just before lunch. hellishy tempting!

vicki archer said...

They look and sound totally scrumptious....what a great idea and so reminiscent of childhood ice cream sandwiches....but more delicious by a mile I suspect, xv.

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm a dessert lover and wishing I lived in Maine!! These look divine. Keep me posted if they become available in MS!

Tamra said...

After finally getting to unpack my household stuff after four long years, just last week I unpacked my ice cream maker and was so happy to see it!! I love to make ice cream.

Since these will probably be a long time coming to the West coast, you've got my brain going as to how to create a more "mousse like" ice cream to create simple version for here at home. I love the idea of the Ginger Lemon combo.


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

The perfect dessert to serve at summer dinner parties [even fancy dinners] - I love the idea of ending dinner with a stroll and a yummy ice cream sandwich! I'm heading to Maine tomorrow and will look for Dolcelinos!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Maybe they will come to Whole Foods in Nashville. I stop by there once a week when I drive in from my home in the woods - to babysit with my 2 youngest granddaughter's. You live a charmed life.