Emma Bridgewater

One of those hostess tricks I picked up at Judy's house: new Emma Bridgewater melamine cups at the bathroom sink. Judy explained that she was tired of breaking glasses--they do tend to slip from soapy hands, and shatter on the tile floor. I've long admired Bridgewater's simple shapes and the bold lettering with which she adorns them. Melamine, by the way, seems to be making a comeback--it was so popular in the fifties and sixties that people thought it would replace ceramic. Hardly. But I've been seeing lots of attractive plates and platters made of this resin; the Portland collection, printed with trees seen in the Oregon area, sold through the New York Botanical Garden gift shop, is particularly handsome.


pve design said...

melamine be mine.

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I really like melamine, especially for outside dining.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

mhr310 said...

Thank you for your beautiful writing. Your columns from the magazine were always the first thing I read. Your books intrigue and your blog is a continuing delight. It's a joy to read your lyrical prose.

Shannon Fricke said...

always new it would make a come-back!

Anonymous said...

Melamine can be toxic. Check out the green blogs about it.

Anonymous said...

toxic if you eat it. not if you eat off it.

Unknown said...

Bridgewater and melamine! Perfection!
(just started Slow Love....finally found my summer read!)

Anonymous said...

Even if you eat off it. Can't wash in dishwasher or microwave it. Check it by goggling it. Too dangerous for my taste even though it looks great.

Pam said...

Dominique -- I love your blog (It's such a breath of fresh air!) and recently finished reading your book... I'm not sure if you read the article in the NY Times about "The Un-Divorced," but it reminded me of the situation with Stroller. Apparently, it's becoming more and more common.


Cristina said...

that could be a great idea considering that my cat likes to drink perched on the bathroom sink, directly from a cup... :-)

Anonymous said...

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