A New Slide Show

My friend Frances Palmer, a wonderful potter, has created a new slide show for the Slow Love Life website--for those of you subscribing to my posts, please visit the site (click on the link above, Pops!) to see her beautiful pictures. Thank you Frances! The slide show is a beautiful gift for all who come to visit--being greeted with flowers at the door.

Frances works in all sorts of clay; the new pots in the slideshow are made of terra cotta--and I love the way they take off from the simple, classical Italian terra cotta pot. She also created the five terra cotta pots shown above for an installation at LongHouse, Jack Lenor Larsen's beautiful house and garden in Easthampton, Long Island.

Frances has a large cutting garden outside her studio, filled with dahlias and other flowers, as she loves vivid color and big blooms. Flowers always look terrific set off against her monochromatic pots; they have plenty of drama of their own, with their interesting, quirky shapes. I'm a huge fan of Frances' work. You can see more at her website, where you'll find a list of stores that carry it; she now she sells her handmade as well as her production pieces online as well.


Tara Dillard said...

In Landscape Design it's good to overdose on a theme.

Terra Cotta is one of the best themes !!

Ooooooooooh no, get out the $$$, another fabulous terra cotta resource.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

mary said...

Great pots!! Have a wonderful week. Mary

Lisa Scottoline said...

Dominique, I love you and the book, which I ordered signed from Vroman's!!! Stay well, girl! Much love, L

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

Lovely article. The pottery, is maginificent! Love the "Slow Love," website. Going back to have another look. - maureen

William said...


I read Slow Life and have followed your blog and a I love it and it really, truly does seem like your life from the pajama days has really turned around. (I did buy those striped Paul Stewart pajamas you showed in the picture - too good to resist) It would be great to read blogs from you about your business life after leaving Conde Naste. How did you get the idea anddiscipline to write the book? When did you write? Morning? Evening? Why? Coffee? Tea? Scotch? A combination? How did you find the publisher? The editor? What was your relationship with the editor during the writing of the book? It would be great to read posts from you about how you have made the business of your life work post Conde Naste. I would love to read in your blog about how you woke up and made coffee and were prefectly motivated to write that day, or not, and why.

Susan Gerofsky said...

Dominique, I read an article about your lovely new book in today's Toronto Globe and Mail, and I've had a few very strange moments.

I have been involved with a man who calls himself Stroller, and your description of the Stroller you know sounds uncannily similar. The Stroller I know lives in England, not the US.

If you would be willing, I would very much like to talk to you about all this.

Dominique said...

Well, Susan, Stroller was living in England for a while, and often travels there. But as my publisher, Jim Atlas, remarked after he read the manuscript, "We've all had a Stroller in our lives." The repressed novelist in me would love to imagine how my Stroller could be your Stroller, but there are probably enough to go around....Still....we'll see if the times match up.

William, you sound like an editor yourself. I will bear your questions in mind for a future post. Others have asked about this as well, so perhaps it would be interesting to describe. And I am insanely jealous of your new pjs.

Lisa Scottoline, wonderful writer yourself! How are you? Have you moved to California? with your horses? You must be working on yet another terrific novel. Thank you for getting in touch.

Susan Gerofsky said...

Checking in on the "Two Strollers" possible similarities, Dominique, here are a few facts about the one I know:

originally from Northern Ireland
49 years old
rock climber, teacher-librarian, IT
now in Nottingham

Hmmm, that ought to be enough to know whether this is the basis for an amazing epistolary novel or not. And if not -- it is a fair coincidence that both would use this rather unusual pseudonym!


Susan Gerofsky said...

So, Dominique, did the Two Strollers turn out to be one and the same person -- or not??

in great curiosity,

Susan Gerofsky said...

my email: if that's better

Susan Gerofsky said...