One of My Favorite Food Blogs

Jane writes a blog called "Little Compton Mornings" that is always a pleasure to read. This one is on the sour cherries we're harvesting now. Jane's blog is in the forefront of the food movement--in that it is about cooking with local ingredients, and using what is seasonally available. Jane's writing is graceful, and her recipes are always delicious. And she captures what's magical about life in coastal Rhode Island.


pve design said...

Thanks for making my morning a little tastier with "Little Compton Mornings" - what lovely treats and recipes! Rhode Island is a small yet magical state!

david terry said...

How pleasantly odd to read this posting.....

A little over a week ago, I was outside of Tours (Home Sweet Home, where the French in-laws roam)on the usual June/July, visit-the-family trip.

Every morning, I would provide myself with an excuse to avoid further, intense, breakfast-table discussion of the grandchildren (they're all under 7,and I really don't find much about their lingusitic progress to be THAT interesting on a daily basis) by going out to the small cherry orchard. The pigeons were going at the cherries.

I spent about five mornings jostling and battling over the cherries with the 30 or so white pigeons that are kept in (of all unexpected things) a large pigeonairre in the back garden.

Those birds are spoiled and stupid (a bad combination, in my experience). Once they've decided they want cherries?....nothing keeps them away except hitting them over the head with a big stick. Not that I did that....but I considered it as I teetered on a ladder each morning.

In any case, I spent every afternoon watching the housekeeper (who is genuinely/really/& actually named "Madame Paris"...talk about an over-written script?) turn everything into cherry clafoutis, cherry tart tatins, and cherry preserves.

Not that anyone in the house actually EATS any of these things. I gather it's a small point of some honor to retain a cherry orchard and a pigeonairre in the Loire Valley. Mme. Paris (who's 83, by the way) would simply take everything home with her, every afternoon. I gathered she gives it all away to various "old people" (her term) at her parish church.

In any case, thanks for the cherry posting.

Bemusedly yours,

David Terry

Windlost said...

Hi Dominique, thanks for this link. Living in cold(er) Canada, I can only lust over the local, seasonal fare many have available...far beyond what comes from our short growing seasons.

By the way, on your climate note, I think it is important to note it as "climate change" and nto warming, because here in western Canada we seem to be having unseasonably COOL summers. In fact I have never seen so much rain. Today is 10C here, almost wintery (i.e. 50F) when usually this time of year it is mid-80's. Change indeed. Having said that, we got almost no snow this winter and it was warmer than usual.

P.S. I just finished reading your (first?) book "Around the House..." and ADORED it. It was like you live inside my brain. Been meaning to write you a note about all the little bits I appreciated.

Thank you for that book.

xo Terri

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