Mini Round Up: Is Haiti Hopeless? + Chemical Free Bug Spray

What I love best about blogging (among the many things new to me about this form of publishing) is the fascinating combination of big world/small world. Big--in that we connect with one another across continents and cultures and bring in so many different perspectives. Small--in that I discover something terrific happening right around the corner from my house. I recently wrote about the knitted bags from Haiti, brought to our farm stands by an interesting organization called 1000Jobs. Much to my surprise, I read in one of the comments that 1000Jobs is run by a couple here in town, Lucy and Buck Close. They have been visiting Haiti regularly since the sixties, and now spend a week a month there. For those of you living in this area, Buck Close will be giving a talk this evening, called Is Haiti Hopeless?, at St. Andrew's By the Sea in Little Compton. Judging by the good work the Closes are doing, I can assure you that they do not believe Haiti is hopeless--but the title is an excellent one, as many people wonder exactly that. It should be interesting.

And here from Kathryn Grantham's new blog at Roots Remedies (I'm still taking the Energy Tonic, and it is working wonders, as is the influx of family love during what we call our annual Cousins Week) is a recipe for a natural, chemical-free bug repellant. Kathryn describes it in her newsletter. Love the touch of vodka:

Natural Insect Repellent
8oz alcohol – 80 or 10 proof vodka is a good choice
15 drops rosemary essential oil
15 drops geranium essential oil
15 drops cedarwood essential oil
15 drops juniper essential oil
Mix well in a glass container, pour into a spray bottle, label and let the bug-free sunsets begin!


Robin Woodward said...

It is a pleasure to be able to hear your voice again. H&G is sorely missed. As to Haiti, I would like to join in with 1000 jobs in underscoring that the future of the Haitian people is by no means hopeless. A Haitian-American woman in my small island community has begun an organization whose mission it is to create sustainable jobs in her hometown of Limbe', Haiti. Please visit: www.noramise.org to see how we're doing.

Thank you.
Robin Woodward

Everyday Goddess said...

It's so true, the blogging community is amazing and filled with such a variety of interesting people. I'm always finding something new!

I'll give that bug spray a try, I've been looking for a better, safer one to use.

Unknown said...

Wonderful....thank you! smiles.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

So thankful for the tip on Energy Tonic. It's arrived here. Had my first nip today. I understand "energy" hits in a few. I cannot wait.

Väva! Veve! said...

Love the natural bugspray!! In Minnesota we grow mosquitos big enough to carry small children away, so we need all the help we can get! Another idea toward natural insect control are bat houses! They only come out at night and only go after the insects, up to 1000 insects per bat per hour! Another of nature's wonders!