HARD TO BELIEVE WE ARE STILL IN THIS SEXIST PLACE...Take five minutes to watch this video

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The fall election season has begun, And given the number of women running for office, we're grateful to the new, NameItChangeIt campaign, which aims its laser at against sexist coverage of women candidates.

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david terry said...

Dear Ms. Browning and Readers,

Anyone interested in this sort of issue should make a point of buying or borrowing the just-published book by Salon.com's Rebeccah Traister: "Big Girls Don't Cry: The Election That Changed Everything for American Women".

Since it's release (about a week ago?) the book's received deservedly enthusiastic reviews from both the New York Times and NPR's "Fresh Air". I don't make a practice of keeping up with the reviewing business these days, but I'm glad to see that this book's been so immediately praised. It's an eye-opener.

You can order it at the following link (and let me emphasize that I don't know Ms. Traister at all...I simply retain a skool-marmish habit of steering folks towards good and necessary reading in this world):

go to:



David Terry

cathy moore said...

I am so tired of men being permitted to denigrate women anytime they feel like it, regardless of whether the venue is private or public. News anchors that voice this kind of trash are not reporting news, they are voicing their own opinions. To my deep dismay, both men and women anchors engage in airing their own opinions - where are you, Walter Cronkite? And the talk show hosts who are given what appears to be totally free reign are so objectionable to me that I refuse to listen to or watch them. What a waste of time and what are we teaching our children??? As a species, I am deeply disappointed in humanity.

david terry said...

Dear "Cathy",

I think you should listen to (for free, so don't worry) Maurren Culligan's review of "Big Girls Don't Cry". It was aired two nights ago on NPR'S program "Fresh Air".

You certainly won't feel alone in your concerns. And your instincts are QUITE correct in leading you to notice that MORE-than-plenty of female pundits (both Republish-atory and Demon-cratish) participated in the same sort of gender-baiting

Go (IMMEDIATELY!!!!.... although I generally try not to seem too much of a bossy-boots) to:


You'll enjoy the book and, I expect, learn a lot....certainly that you're not alone in the concerns you voiced in your posting.

Level Best as Ever,

David Terry

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I'll be doing the same. Sexism is not just an irritation. It translates, sadly, into nut-snd-bolts real life. As a family law attorney, I see how, for example, it translates into the disadvantage women face in the legal arena...my pet peeve. Oh, I could get on a soap box, here. Loved the blog. I'll be back! C

david terry said...

Personally?...I think Miss Terry needs to learn the difference between "it's" and "its" before she starts telling people what they need to read and putting it up on the worldwideweb and internets of Dominique Browning. I just read that first posting and was shocked and very frightened.

I don't think any of us needs ("need"?) another under-educated, bossy skoolmarm.

yours in anger and sorrow concerning the state of punctuation in This Formerly Great Nation Of Ours,

Miss Laetitia Grundy (retired)
Johnson City, Tennnessee

c said...

grammar aside (I believe "need" sounds better than "needs", btw), the video and story behind D's entry is another example of how little progress we as a society have made. Sad and frustrating. But we are still living in a "man's world", as much as it pains me to acknowledge.

Did any of you read the NYT column about Afghani girls being forced to look like boys? by their parents? their mothers? sad and frightening.

We fool ourselves into thinking women have made great strides. When all is said and done, unfortunately, men are still the ones ruling the world, the US Senate, and our collective thinking. ugh!

david terry said...

Dear "C"....

Regarding your comment regarding a "man's world"?....

I spent a big chunk of my late 20's and early thirties drudging away at a bluntly feminist dissertation on Thomas Hardy's heroines.

I like to think this was my (as a male leader of my very Southern family) way of doing penance for my grandmother and great-aunt's having been forced to go through life with the legal names "James", "Ezra", and "David".

I kid you not. Don't ask me why my great Grandfather ("David") decided that, just because he didn'
t have any boys, his girls had to have boys' names.

Incidentally? Their maiden name was "FUDGE". Their mother was a "Fly". Their parents stuck "Ella" or "May" in the middle.

So, they were "Jimmy Mae Fudge", "Davella Fudge" ("Dave-ella", pronounced with a southern accent), and "Ezra Mae Fudge".

So, it may still be a "man's world" in many ways, but at least girls get names like "Susan" or "Lisa" nowadays.....

advisedly yours as ever,

David Terry

Väva! Veve! said...

My name is Marian, which was John Wayne's real name except he spelled his name with an "o" instead of an "a". So maybe not Terry. But that really is beside the point. The issue is about women and equality. And it is a very serious issue. I know that my daughter, at 16, has already endured sexual harassment. It surrounds us. It is rampant, and the sad thing is that women often just go along so as not to make waves. And the men just go along, not realizing how much of an ass they have been. We do have to galvanize and make our voice heard, starting with everywoman's neighbor who makes inappropriate comments, or the construction crew down the road with their hoots and whistles. It reminds me of being in 7th grade again, and the boys just don't know exactly what to do or say about the feelings that they are feeling. And it comes out as blurts of rudeness and offensiveness that seem to be trying to come as close as possible to actually saying something sexual, but stopping just short of it, performing a sort of self titillation, and all the while thinking the girls are being ever so impressed with them. Even at 57, especially after seeing that video, I still think women are more mature than men!

Thank you Dominique. With so many issues at hand: global warming and our ecosystem, the world economy, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, world hunger. . . sometimes the plight of women gets less priority. But we really should make it OUR priority . . . or we will not be able to do a good job in all the other places we are needed.

karenleslie said...

Bravo Dominique for opening up this subject, one that weighs heavy on the minds of mothers of teen girls. like you, marian, i too have a teenage girl and relationships between boys and girls is so twisted these days. i hear comments like 'dating is what nerds do' and kids hooking up before getting to know each other. sex is totally casualized - an exchange that damages both sexes, but much much more so our young girls. my daughter's solution and that of her friends? they don't go out with boys. those friends that do go out with boys don't get the "title" of girlfriend (how quaint), they are used for sex and then everyone hears about it on formspring. i was fantasizing out loud with another mom the other day about starting a "speak out" group which would help girls come out of the shadows and put the boys insulting behavior back in their face. it's time for a revolution.

Cindy said...

Thank you so much for sharing...I posted it to my facebook page to share with others, as well. Shocking really....

Dominique said...

I am fascinated by the comments on young girls and dating. But I hasten to add that this twisted new world of fast hooking up and even faster casting off leaves young men in their own kind of tailspin too. It is frightening, confusing, and demoralizing. And somehow, with our sexually saturated media, we adults seem to have told our kids that anything goes--either in the name of misguided liberation, or marketing.

I think these TV announcers are part of the same wild confusion and dismaying disrespect. But quite apart from wondering why this is still happening--why can't we just stop it? Why do we, as viewers, buy into this garbage? What has happened to our basic standards of decency and respect?

Yes, women's issues are as important as ever. I've ordered the book the SkoolMarm recommended, and will do my report soon, I hope. Thank you.

david terry said...

for "Väva! Veve!" (in regard to her posting)...

Hey there,

1. I was struck by your comment "sometimes the plight of women gets less priority. But we really should make it OUR priority . . . or we will not be able to do a good job in all the other places we are needed."

Of course, you're quite right.

2. You're also right ( I hope you don't mind accepting compliments from strangers) in noticing that you spell your name as "Marian", whereas John Wayne spelled his "Marion". That would be, of course, standard practice, so I hope you'll forgive my inability to see what exactly your point was. In any case (and quite aside from how you happen to spell your name), going through one's girlhood-adolescence with the name "Marion/Marian" (both of which are pronounced exactly the same) isn't as difficult as trying to explain to other kids in a 1930's Texas high school why (as a female) your name is "David", "James", or "Ezra". My great-aunt was, I gathered, relieved when she finally just became known in "aunt-'E".....which came off as "auntie" during what passed for normal conversations in our family and social-circles.....

3. I really enjoyed your last comment, Ms. Browning is an awfully smart writer, and there's probably a good reason she attracts smart readers. In regard to your last comment (and, yes, I know that I'm once again going all skool-marmy, "HOMEWORK TIME!" on everyone....?

I expect you'd really like this song by Carrie Newcomer...."One Woman and a Shovel". download and enjoy it (Newcomer is one smart woman and a great songwriter).It pretty-much sums up what you said, and thank you for that last sentence of yours.

you can find the song and pay 99 big-cents for it ( my pirating days are over, and I encourage everyone to do the same) at:


Level Best as Ever,

David Terry

Anonymous said...

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