I just read about a frightening new piece of research involving Bisphenol-A, the toxic chemical used to harden plastics; it is also a synthetic estrogen. I spent the summer getting rid of all plastic items that had BPA in them--including microwave popcorn bags (the plastic liner degrades)--and trying to educate my sons and nieces and nephews about the dangers of BPA, particularly the boys: BPA has been linked to low sperm count.

Now it turns out that there is BPA in the coating on some "thermal paper" that is used in many cash registers. (Click the link to read the article in Environmental Working Group, one of my favorite watchdog sites.)

Every time you handle one of these tainted receipts, you are picking up BPA on your fingers. Trace amounts, for most of us--though I don't want even that much BPA in my body. What about all the people working in stores who are handling receipts all day long? Their exposure is much greater. What about our teenagers, working at those cash registers? Their brains are still developing. Animal tests show that BPA "can cause reproductive and behavioral abnormalities and lower intellectual ability, as well as set the state for cancers" and other diseases.

Check the paper on the receipts of stores you frequent. Ask managers about the BPA in the paper; they'll tell you they don't know, so ask them to ask headquarters. Register alarm--and complaint. Stores--and gas stations and fast food restaurants--do not have to use BPA contaminated thermal paper; plenty do not. TJ Maxx, one of my favorite hunting grounds, wants my feedback? Here it is: Change your register paper.

You can easily check to see if receipts are on thermal paper. Rub the edge of a coin along the paper. If it leaves a discolored trace, it is thermal. What we cannot know is whether the coating on that particular thermal paper contains BPA. But why should we be doing guesswork? Most of us don't have access to testing facilities. We count on the companies we trust--and on our regulatory agencies--to keep us safe from toxins. Whole Foods: get a new source of paper! The irony is too much: while we're shopping in a place we're supposed to trust, all those folks at the registers are being exposed to toxins.

It is time to throw lots of support behind legislation to regulate chemicals before they come into our lives, not after. It is hard to believe BPA and other stuff is still legal, but that's the problem. 62,000 chemicals were grandfathered into the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act. They were given a free pass--the idea being that we would eventually figure out if they were safe. This regulation is being revisited right now--now is the time to educate ourselves, and make our outrage heard. Eco Moms Unite!

We--and worse, our children--should not continue to be guinea pigs for the chemical industry.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thank you!
I was unaware.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dominique, I was unaware too. Joyce

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Exactly! I eliminated the plastic from my kitchen and our life ( wherever I could) when our son was very ill about 7 years ago when I did a fair amount of research into anything/everything that would be in harm's way. Everyone thought I was crazy when I talked about :plastics" back then and I can only hope that this brings this to more people's attention. I haven't had a bottled water in years and cannot for the life of me figure out why anything we drink and consume is not in glass bottles. Having said that, to find out that even our register paper is coated makes me positively ill, our kids need way, way better than this. Good for you for sounding the alarm that someone should be ringing loud and clear. Perhaps I wasn't so crazy after all.

Razmataz said...

It is daunting to know just how many everyday things are harmful. How did we get to this point? and why are our governements not alarmed on out behalf. I am reading " The Relunctant Omnivore" a startling expose of the politics of the food industry and the dispicable practices now used to raise livestock, and I am alarmed.

Just like you say with the cash reciepts, there are so many wrongs that we need to speak up on, it is a full time job to keep up.

Anonymous said...

That is so shocking! I have never heard that before, so I imagine most people wouldn't have either.. It's scarey to find out about it, but better to know!

Anonymous said...

EWG and I are good friend. Big supported financially for a few years. Ken is a very good friend of mine.

Dominique said...

Madgew: I think the work EWG is doing is fantastic. I'd like to figure out how to get this post out there so more people can support their research--and advocacy. I no longer buy anything without checking it out on SKIN DEEP, which describes what's in a product, and rates it for toxicity. EWG is great! I'm mentioning them again in an upcoming column for Environmental Defense Fund website. Thanks for writing! Spread the word!

Dona Mara said...

I have added this to the growing list of anxiety producing concerns and thank-you for alerting the public in a caring way. If only we could all make compassionate caring into something the drug, chemical and insurance businesses would address. Don't they have children? Don't they know they are responsible for the quality of life?

mary said...

When I returned from living in Europe for 7 years, I was shocked by the discrepancy between the general health (and weight) of Europeans and Americans. At that point I had three young children and decided to ban pre-made/packaged founds, fast foods, foods with preservatives, diet products and anything with high fructose corn syrup. People thought that I was crazy, but I didn't change my stance on what was going to enter my home and hopefully the bodies of my children and me. Fast forward 20 years. We do not have allergies, everyone is slim and reasonably healthy and everyone (except the youngest) is conscious about what goes into their bodies and their children's bodies. The BPA situation is an assault on our very existence. Thanks for crusading against toxins in our lives. EWG is a fantastic organization and well deserving our support.

Doreen said...

Terrific post. Thank you very much!

JudyMac said...

Just tested my ATM receipt from Wells Fargo bank for BPA -- it's definitely a "hot" item. One possible clue in advance ..... the paper has kind of a slick finish, i.e., a coating. Thanks, Dominique, for the tip.

Lines of Beauty said...

Another good reason to wash our hands more frequently. Thanks for the heads-up Dominique :-)

david terry said...

Amusingly enough? Throughout the 80's and 90's I and a good number of my friends indulged in regular eye-rollings over another friend's (wonderfuly named "Miss Mary Jane Divine")refusal to use plastic food-storage containers. this was, literally, decades ago.

She scoured yard-sales, thrift stores, and bought up all the 25-cent "vintage" glass containers she could find. Of course, we made fun of her "quirk"...the supposed impracticality, the extra trouble (you had to be careful washing these things, since they chip and break), etcetera.

Most insanely laughable of all? Her claim that "the plastic LEAKS".

WHAT???? I and my friends were all in our twenties (i.e., raised predominantly in the seventies), and we ascribed MAry Jane's (who's about ten years older than us and) claim to charmingly foolish, lingering hippie-dippy-ness.

In any case, her suspicion of (and usual rejection of) plastic turns out, over the past few years, to have been completely warranted. She's quite happy about this development and brings it up about as regularly as we use to tease her over the subject.

I should add that she's one of the prettiest and HEALTHIEST 61 year olds anyone knows. These days, strangers remark on the fact.

Level Best as Ever,

David "Who's Laughing Now?" Terry

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!
My Justice and Peace group meets this week via conference all. I will bring this to our discussion of climate and environment.

bluemoon329 said...

About the popcorn - we use a Whirley Pop. Stovetop, crank handle so it's fun and as fast as microwave popcorn to boot. $20 and a low calorie snack. We choose our corn, oil and if to use salt, so no chemicals added in any part of the process. Today's corn was from the garden - the wee strawberry variety.
(www.popcornpopper.com and we also choose to ignore the Kettle Corn ladden recipe booklet)

Tamra said...

Just yesterday my husband and I were saying how sad it is that our society has become so chemically acceptable. Especially the FDA should be punished for what they allow into our food and skin care.

Just today I inserted a Youtube clip on my blog about the fact that Mc Donalds hamburgers do not decompose. At the end of the video it lists many of the ingredients and it is shocking. As a decorative artist I recognize several ingredients as ones used to clean oil based items for painting before water based products were introduced. What are these doing in our food?!

Why is this product used on paper receipt tape? What purpose does it supposedly serve? What happened to just using paper?

Very interesting post, thank you for helping us all to be more aware.

The Gilded Barn

RMM, Barrie ON said...

The reason I read Slow – Love Life is to avoid exactly this kind of thing. Tonight was to be a read about something nice.

However, since the BPA alarm has gone off here, with justification, but somewhat late in the process, back to the uglier reality where some corrections and further explanation is required, as opposition to BPA has to be done with accuracy.

BPA was labelled as a toxic substance in Canada, in September 2010, and as such is being withdrawn for many products.

BPA should not be withdrawn completely as none of we users of eye glasses, for example, would want to give up our polycarbonate lenses to return to glass as the exposure risk is minimal.

BPA is not used to “harden” all plastics. BPA is in only some of the number 7 in the recycle triangle such as polycarbonates, most flexible number 3, (PVC), but not PVC pipes. Most other varieties of plastic is BPA free, such as type 6, styrene, where there are no exceptions (the meat food tray is safe for humans, if not the environment). BPA is in epoxies such as used to line food cans, where they ought not to be. Much is being phased out in the USA.

BPA is not a synthetic estrogen, as such substances are used in oral contraceptives for example

BPA is an estrogen mimic, and has been known to be so since the mid 1930’s. The mechanisms of action are less well understood, but are strongly implicated to contribute to obesity, hyperactivity, attention deficits, greater sensitivity to drugs of abuse, may increase risk of certain cancers such as breast and neuroblastoma, a host of reproductive / sexual problems, and heart disease to highlight.

BPA should never have been used in baby products as the very real risk to infants has been known for at least 30 years.

Increased exposure to BPA papers has not indicated increased absorption. (Biedermann, S, P Tschudin and K Grob. 2010. Transfer of bisphenol A from thermal printer paper to the skin. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry http://dx.doi.10.1007/s00216-010-3936-9. ) To maintain perspective, exposure is unlikely to go above 71 micrograms (μg) per day, a figure less than one-eighth that believed to be safe under current European standards. This is not to imply it should have ever been used in the first place as there are too many unknowns.

BPA is found not only on thermal paper, but many credit card receipts. The good news is production of BPA thermal papers is being phased out, but until completed, precautions should be taken, as the potential for leaching is of the order of 1,000 times greater than that of a baby bottle of the recent past.

To mount campaigns, especially with the sciences, accurate information is mandatory, as otherwise all is dismissed. The above is only an introduction to a primer on the subject.

Unknown said...

Wow, every time I turn around I find out some other seemingly innocuous thing is killing me...reminds me of a humorous (but slightly scary) book I flipped through when I worked at one of those big chain bookstores that probably used thermal paper...it was called Everything is Bad For You. It really does make one wish that we could depend on our governments to protect us a little more effectively!

New to your blog and really enjoying it!
Hope Ava

david terry said...

Dear Ms. Browning,

At the obvious risk of seeming more than usually flippant?....

I just sent your article to an Irish friend of mine whose name is, actually, "Bruce Patrick Anderson".

It'll make for interesting reading....
Bemusedly as ever,

David "You have to have a LOT of time on your hands to make this many supposed connections" Terry

karenleslie said...

thank you dominique -- interesting post. i warned my favorite cashier at Whole Foods yesterday that he should be careful about handling all the BPA receipts and he proudly told me that he orders the receipt paper and they have been BPA free for 8 months (this is a Whole Foods Market -- a smaller version of the bigger store). i plan on checking the bigger store this week to see about their receipts.

and thank you david terry for your funny eye rolling story! i was the hapless victim of much eye rolling in my day ... and i remember fondly my lovely neighbor, a Harvard doctor, who bemusedly endured the requests i made on her when my daughter came over to play with her kids. i asked that she not give my daughter gum, because as we all know ... no matter how many times you tell a kid NOT to swallow the gum, they will, and i also asked her not to give my daughter microwaved food from plastic containers because i believed the plastic got into the food. as the years passed, my neighbor came to me on several occasions, with surprise in her voice, telling me about "peer reviewed studies" proving that "plastic migrated" into the food if microwaved and that bowel obstruction caused by swallowed gum was a bigger problem with both children and adults than originally thought since the gum did not break down in the body. we naturalists, aka, former hippies, knew a think or two about a thing or two -- without "proof" from all those peer reviewed studies...

Maggie May said...

thank you, i had no idea.

Mia said...

Funny you should mention Whole Foods. I am not at all surprised they use these receipts. Whole Foods masquerades as a healthy, green, liberal kind of store, but in fact, its CEO is ultra conservative and unbelievably, is even a climate change denier. In addition, he opposes health care reform (wrote an op-ed against it) and discriminates against his own employees (discounts to employees are awarded based on BMI, so the skinnier you are, the more of a discount you get). I no longer shop there. Whole Foods has cashed in on the green movement for solely financial reasons and is laughing at the environmentalist liberals who shop there. Do some Google searches. You can start here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Dominique,

There seems no other way to contact you than through your blog. I would be interested in comparing notes on India as I am going early next year for 6 weeks. I am also a Conde Nast alumni-though most recently at Nickelodeon magazine before it folded-who bagged NYC for my place in Lyme Ct. Not that we have parallel lives-but I thought I'd reach out and say hi and keep up the good work!

Justine Strasberg

Peter Biondi said...

The has been a lot said about BPA in thermal paper but not a lot about the fact that there are BPA Free thermal papers available since 2006 and another coater in the USA will have BPA free paper in Q1 2011.

These paper are sold and used by those who are concerned and the price is not different in most cases.

Peter Biondi

Anonymous said...

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