I love stumbling on things that make me chuckle just by the way they look, and the Verbal Building in Claremont, California where I went to visit my son Theo a few weeks ago, did just that. As if the idea of a verbal building weren't funny enough, all it seemed to want to say was Ommm......not a bad message.

Yoga does seem to be a handy foil these days. This combination was hard to beat: hot box bikram classes paired with hot ticket betting, on West 72nd Street in Manhattan--each establishment drawing forth its devotees.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The last time I was in Edinburgh, my husband shot a rather funny photograph of me walking, unawares, on the street, in a long black coat, directly under a shop sign entitled, Odd One Out.


quintessence said...

Love these - they are too funny! And also love Pamela Terry's comment. My daughter and I saw a good one the other day - on the highway we saw a truck with a large drawing of a fish on the side - underneath were the words MEAT WITHOUT FEET. I looked it up afterwards and it's evidently a real wholesale fish and seafood distributor out of the Bronx.

c said...

In my digital photo collection I have created a special folder - "funny signs". It amazes me how often I notice amusing signs. (wish I knew how to post photographs here ...)

Layanee said...

I guess if you are grounded in yoga, you need to balance that with a game of chance.

Karena said...

Too funny, and one might need yoga if having lost big on betting, how stressful would that be!


Art by Karena

Anne said...

these unintended jokes are one of life's small pleasures! i esp liked a sign on a public park restroom that said "site subject to prior reservation."