The New York Times Book Review has just published my garden book round-up for winter 2010. This is always one of my favorite assignments--if you're looking to add to your library, this section is always useful. I always get a vicarious thrill from the Cookbook section...


m.e.w. said...
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david terry said...

Well, good to see this , Ms. Browning...

As I said previously, you need to have had advertised this very fine and useful article for your readers. Glad to see you've now done so.

I just ordered seven copies (for Christmas presents for friends) of that trees book, based solely on your very
concise and helpful review in the New York Times.

Do, please, recall, that folks (or, at least, me) read what you write because it's invariably helpful and worth reading. There's a very good reason so many people say that they read "House and Garden" , for so many years, only to read your opinions and thoughts in the editor's essay each month.

I certainly didn't subscribe to the thing because I needed to learn how I could "Brighten the Winter With Indoor Flowers!" by buying some "designer's" (all too often some rock-star or director's daughter) ironstone plates, decorated with some sort of transfer of 18th century tulip-prints. Quite frankly (and being fully aware of the demographics of the magazine's subscribers, I'd look through the magazine and wonder "surely this many 50-something, straight women don't ALL have the tastes of 30-something, arriviste gay men in Los Angeles???"....

In any case?....your essays and opinions always made the magazine worth the subscription-price.

I subscribed to H&G, for a number of years and, like many other people, did so that we could read the opening essay each month,

so? Do, please, share your various publications with readers of this blog.

I was awfully glad (halfway through that good piece on new gardening books this morning) to suddenly realize "Oh...this is by Dominique Browning....of course..."

To have been so thoroughly kicked back on your ass (to speak bluntly) by the sudden closing of the magazine, you set a very fine example of how someone can get back on her feet, and it's a great pleasure for me (I first learned of your work through a friend's birthday gift of "Around the House and In the Garden" some years ago) to see you Up&Going again.

In a year of mostly-bad news, your story is very-good news....so thank you. I have a pretty good idea of how much work this has taken on your part.

Quite sincerely,

David Terry

vicki archer said...

Thank you Dominique....a great list, xv.

Bruce Barone said...

Wonderful list.

And the cooking list is delicious!

Dominique said...

Thanks David Terry--I hadn't thought about posting the piece, and will do so from now on, as well as other things I write....good idea, and I appreciate your very kind words. d

david terry said...

Dear Ms. Browning,

You're welcome.

While I've got you completely under my thumb in terms of my advice?...

Do yourself a favor and tell those boys of yours to cut their hair shorter and quit sassing their mommer.

It worked for the Bush twins.

Those two girls haven't given half as much trouble since.

Experiencedly yours as ever,

David Terry
(click on the "Mister Bossy-Boots" icon for more tips on How I Think Other People Should Act & Do)

quintessence said...

I'll be checking out your round up for some relatives who have greener thumbs than my brown one - I could kill a rubber plant!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Can't wait to check it out! I'm sure it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration..The Book of Leaves should fit right at home on the farm..