I recently posted a column about Meatless Monday for the Environmental Defense Fund website. I had only been vaguely aware of this initiative; months ago, I began to shut out the din of foodie superiority--and I assumed, wrongly, that Meatless Monday was part of that noise. I mean, how many of us can eat locally-raised produce, pay extra to eat organic, and--the peak of Foodie Snobbery--raise, harvest, or kill our own? How many of us live near anyone who runs a farm?

I know, I know: things are getting better all the time. For some. Even Walmart carries locally produced foods--in a few of its stores. I've yet to find one where this is actually happening, but I hear their stuff is terrific. Farmers' markets? Everyone in New York City, please put your hands down. You are among the chosen few. The surreal fact is that it is easier to find fresh, organic produce at the outdoor markets in a large city--in the middle of winter--than in most parts of the country. And in Rhode Island, I live near farms. In fact, those stalks of sprouts were a gift to Frances Palmer, who shot their portrait. But the farm stands near me aren't open through the winter; nor are they farming completely organically.

And don't give me Whole Foods. You can shop entire swaths of their supermarkets and find nary an organic item. As for local? Apples rule the day, when pumpkins don't. For that matter, the last time I found five good organic apples at Whole Foods they were swathed in plastic. I kept thinking, this is a joke, right? and looking over my shoulder, smiling, in case I was on Candid Camera. Whole Foods is beginning to remind me of the Armani v Gap thing: when Armani began selling plain white cotton tee shirts, I wondered why we didn't just go to the Gap and ask them to charge us more for their tee shirts? Same with Whole Foods prices. But I guess we're paying for miles of pristine aisles.

Don't get me wrong. I love organic produce as much as the next person. I get a thrill watching the Rhode Island chickens who lay "my" eggs strutting up the gangplank into their covered wagon, pecking around their field for bugs. (And what's with feeding chickens totally vegetarian diets? They thrive on bugs--that's protein to them.)

I hope that someday, everyone will eat better food. Meatless Monday is a terrific idea; we could all do with improving our diets. But I don't appreciate dollops of attitude with my ingredients. Market snobbery and one-upsmanship have no place in our kitchens. Let's count our blessings for the bounty we have.


pve design said...

Meatless Monday - just as long as we can have Taco Tuesday! My father started his produce business in 1945 based on bringing the freshest ingredients to his customers. Delighted to tell you that the business is still going strong! "Paul's" and so is my Dad.
Amen for all the bounty we have!

virginia said...

read what fanaticcook (.blogspot.com) has to say about this subject.

she's a diabetic educator, and food budgets are something she has to deal with every day.

"foodie superiority" - funny.

jill said...


My Whole Foods has lots of organic produce that's not wrapped in plastic! And it's really the only shopping option for me in southern New Jersey if I want organic eggs, milk, orange juice, etc. --it's all there. If we don't support this one store that offers as much organic produce as they can, then they will leave and then I won't have any store that makes an effort to bring organic produce to me. So even if it's flawed, I'll take it!!!!

Ashling said...

Well said! I love Farmers' Markets in the Summer & Fall, and delight in meeting the people who raise the food we eat. But it's a luxury we don't have in the Winter...storebought eggs are pale shadows of what they could be, tomatoes are a crime, and so on...and we have little access to local, organic foods this time of year. If one has that--celebrate and give thanks, but I agree--don't impose an impossible standard on the rest of us.
All that said--the growing craze (pun intended) is micro-farming...so many of us have the ability to move a few steps closer to local, organic sustainability, but it should be a sought after goal, not a badge of superiority. Thank you for speaking out!

An Aesthete's Lament said...

Bravo! Well written and well deserved.

david terry said...

There's a very useful article, "The Price of Good Taste" on this topic in this week's edition of Newsweek":


And are there people who actually want to put their chickens on completely vegetarian diets? A good friend of mine (who happens be a cat-lover, herself) tells of a relatively-brief-but-diastrous era (the heady late 70's and early 80's) in Cambridge, Mass. Apparently, a lot of people (icluding my friend's landlady) of a readily-identifiable ideological strip forced their cats onto completely vegetarian diets, which of course resulted in a local epidemic of taurine-deprived, blind, Harvard-bred cats (not to mention a large number of upset cat owners who, for the first time in their adult lives, felt inexplicably betrayed by The Goddess).

In any case, I was raised to have a proper sense of gratitude for non-vegetarian birds. As I mentioned in an previous post, my great uncle raised and kept many "exotic" birds....guinea hens among them. My father raised beagles and foxhounds (no one in the family ever seemed to realize that you could have pets that were actually quiet). In any case, we didn't like the idea of using chemicals around all those puppies (we always had at least a few), and we would regularly "borrow" 3 or so of Uncle Ormond's rowdy guinea hens....corral all the dogs into the garage and kitchen....and let the guinea hens loose in the kennel runs. After about two days?....no ticks or fleas (and this is out in the East Tennessee countryside).

Oddly enough, we never ate our meat-eating guinea hens. They were MUCH more reliable watchdogs than any of the actual dogs.

Thanks for the evocative posting,

David Terry

Nan said...

For me, Meatless Monday is less about eating organic and local, and more of a small gesture to recognize the immense fossil fuel consumption of the meat industry. The pollution cost of 1 steak is the equivalent of driving a car 25 miles!

SweetRetreat said...

Thank goodness the guinea hens survived, unlike the peacocks (cheery story).

On any given food shopping day, I make decisions to buy organic or not, depending on what is available. In my local food store, organic is always an option, but doesn't always seem like good value, dollar or quality.

Local eggs, always.

William said...

My family has been in the farming business in the United States for the past 4 generations and for the past 100 years has focused on raising the Boneless Pig. The Boneless Pig was developed by Dr. Oscar F. Mayer in the late 1800's and first introduced to the public at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. There was an initial spark of interest in the Boneless Pig but that quickly faded as the attention of the public was drawn to other developments like the mass production of automobiles. Recognizing a great thing when he saw it, my great-grandfather Earl bought some breeders from the 1893 Fair and spent his life raising the Boneless Pig. He had a local market for the product in upstate New York, but nothing grand in scale. My grandfather Earl carried on that tradition. It wasn't until my father, Earl, approached Ray Kroc in 1980 with the idea of using the Boneless Pig to create a rib sandwich for the McDonald's menu. The McRib Sandwich was born. The Boneless Pig, one of the earliest examples of sustainable agriculture, is the solution to the world's food problems we face in the 21st century. Reintroducing the McRib Sandwich on the menu at McDonald's is a start, but it is only a start. Please, write to your congressperson, tell your grocer, tell your friends - the Boneless Pig is the answer to the crisis the world is now facing.

david terry said...

P.S. Just another note (on a somewhat self-congratulatory, but on-topic note)?

Over the past four years, I (and let me stress that I'm not in the least a "social worker" or anything of that sort. In fact, I haven't had a "job" since sometime during the second Clinton adminstration) have been "helping" two grandmothers (both African-american) who are raising 2-3 grandchildren under the age of 12.

Bluntly? I take them a lot of stuff, get stuff for them, give them money, etcetera.

They live on the "other side of town" (a demarcation which, here in generally-"progressive"Durham North Carolina isn't so generally recognized as was the case in my own, small hometown...but it DOES exist as a barrier).

In any case, I live at least five miles from both of these women (neither of whom has a car, and both whom are doing their best to feed the grandchildren "right"). I've been surprised to run into both of them at the Food Lion grocery store (scarcely "upscale"...and two blocks from my pretty, all-too-cute little 1909 bungalow in this "reclaimed" neighborhood).

In both instances, I asked why in the world they were HERE?...it's awfully far...

And both women told me that, in case I hadn't noticed?.....there wasn't a decent and/or affordable grocery store within miles of their quite-crowded neighborhoods (I've been there many times to drop off stuff and things, but never thought "where's a grocery store?").

So, these ladies (who are both above 60) catch a danged BUS and come out to my neighborhood just so that they can have some option other than frozen french fries, E-Z-Bake ready-made chicken wings and generally-unhealthy food?. then, they have to haul it all back to the other side of town.


This is a medium-sized (at best), extremely prosperous, wildly-overeducated town (I don't think theere's a waiter in this town who doesn't have at least one gratuitous masters degree in the humanites), but the food-choices are wildly limited (not to say "non-existent"?) for the vast majority of the folks (and the children they're raising) who actually live here.

Once aain? thanks for the predictably evocative posting, Ms Browning....and the Newsweek article is a good one.


David Terry

mytwocentsworth said...

Amen! I'm waiting for the day when everything available that is eco-friendly doesn't cost twice as much as what we buy now. Then a good portion of the world will be able to avail themselves of the "good" stuff.

lostpastremembered said...

All we can do is try to support sustainable agriculture that is not driven by agra-business and huge amounts of chemicals. As you sow so shall ye reap.

Not to get all biblical but I went back to my home in Illinois and drove around a little more than usual with my visits. What little farmland was left was in a virtual valley next to the road. Soil erosion had taken a mighty toll and the yards of perfect soil that once was there is gone by so much. Soon there will be none. You must put back what you take out and that is what the best of organic does. That and humane treatment of animals is what drives my purchases and I am by no means rich. We do the best we can do to encourage the small farmers who try to give back (if not wholly organically) and at least try to sensibly steward their land.

mary said...

Well stated. I buy organic products from Trader Joe's or "grown without chemicals" at other local markets. If I cannot buy organic, then anything that is not on the "Dirty Dozen List" I will purchase. But I am with David Terry, supermarkets and good produce need to be available and easily accessible to everyone. Thanks for putting this topic on the table.

david terry said...

P.S. #2:

1. I always feel a little better about thing when folks agree with me...so, thanks to "Mary"

2. Whatever one might think of Alice Waters and her ways (personally, I think she might have kept off Michelle Obama's ass about that organic garden while everyone else seemed to be riding it in regard to whatver-kind-of-dog the kids got..two months before the inauguration?...,,,,give the lady a break??).....Still, EVERYONE should give Waters credit for standing up and making a very clear delclaration (in various ways and in many venues over the past ten years) that it shouldn't be THAT hard to get decent and good food for the kids in our schools...and to TEACH them about it while we're at the business of feeding them.

Anyway...I'm grateful that both Waters and Browning (both of whom could sit back on their laurels and just be "style" or "restaurant" doyennnes) have made it clear that they're, actually, rather damned-pissed-off at the way certain things are going.


David Terry
www.WhyDoesn'tAnyoneButHilary Clinton, circa 2006,&FranLeibowitzHavethe BallsToSay that, Yes, They AtuallyAREpissed-offandIntendToMAkeaFuss?.org

CHC said...

Bravo to you too....about time someone took Whole Foods to task..
all cut fruit and veggies in our store comes packaged in plastic. The produce is too good looking for organic -

As we fram fresh people know too well - farm fresh produce has it's bumps and warts - Whole Foods is always photo ready.

Have a very Merry Christmas, I'll be near by in Westerly!

Warm hugs to a great lady,

William said...

Julia Child had the same issue with the 'food snobs' back in the 70's when this current food movement started - under lots of fire from critics for her rich buttery menus she stayed on her message "eat well and in reasonable portion sizes". Her message holds up today.

Although I hear and read a lot about how "access" to healthful foods is the issue in this country when it comes to the diet of most people in this country, whether that be a personal finance issue or a locale issue, I don't sense that is the ultimate problem here when it comes to how most people eat.

I live in Manhattan and as you pointed out we have access to some of the best food year round through farmer's markets and great stores. Yes, I consider Whole Foods to be a great store even though just a few days ago looking for some apples from NY State - there was one variety from NY State and probably 8 varieties from Washington State. Odd, I thought.

Here is the problem as I see it. My friends, mostly in their 40's and early 50's with kids, affluent, have the most magnificent tricked out and UNUSED kitchens I have ever seen. I have observed that they, the parents and the kids, are so completely driven to distraction by Facebook updates, emails and texting that they have no time left for shopping or cooking. So, every night, it's meals delivered prepared by one of a zillion local restaurant delivery options. Now, that's fine, but the problem is they all claim to want to shop and cook and certainly have the time and money to do so. I tell them, put down the iPhone and Blackberry and just do it - but to no avail as they claim it's very important to "stay connected" and that takes time. Yes, it takes all their time.

I propose to all, in addition to 'Meatless Monday', an Internet/iPhone/Blackberry free Saturday dedicated to shopping and cooking, regardless of whether that food comes from farmer's markets, Whole Foods, Walmart or Winn Dixie.

Now, I'm off to put the meatloaf and garlic/rosemary roasted potatoes and Brussels Sprouts in the oven.

Bon appetit.

Lee said...

I'm really fortunate that the town I live in has a City Market 3 days a week year-round and a Saturday market throughout the Summer,plus a locally owned little grocery with local products... and I second the Internet/Blackberry free shopping day idea!!

The Foster Lady said...

There are some things you don't get to eat in the winter: strawberries (unless you want those big and red tasteless things), tomatoes, to name a few. That is why it's called 'seasons'.....you get to appreciate it when it is in season and during the winter (out here in the East anyway), there are lots of things to be done with root vegetables and other more seasonal food.

As for those 'white T-shirts' that GAP used to sell...I'd love to see them bring those back. I still have my black one and white one from the 80s, and frayed though they may be, they were the best T-shirts ever and GAP was foolish to stop making/selling them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dominique, On your last post, thank you for the nod to Prince Charles, I think he really deserves it. On this post, oh, I agree with you. I'm so glad you said what I was thinking! I found a recipe for a cake on another blog that I thought I would make. Ingredients: organic milk, organic flour, organic salt,organic eggs [eggs?] on and on and on like that. Bit over the top I thought, guess it doesn't have to be all that for me yet, so I gave it a miss. Love reading your posts! Hugs, Joyce

Anonymous said...

Oh William, you are right on! Joyce

Windlost said...

Dominique, so well-put and precisely what I often think. I live in a very cold part of Canada where there is very little "local" produce for most of the winter. Most of our organic stuff comes from far away and/or California. We do organic of the things we can get (milk, some meat, eggs), but I am so tired of the preaching. We try, but we are not all as blessed as Alice Waters. Local? Not a chance sister. And sorry, I forgot to make preserves this summer from the two cucumbers and 6 tomatoes that grew in my 2' x 4' north-facing garden...

Tonya said...

My Walmart does have some organic produce, and the price is reasonable. We have four kids, so it's got to be!

I don't want to be a food snob, but I do try to teach my kids that food doesn't come from a package. But I live in NH, and that's easy around these parts. It saddens me to see children raised on McD's or processed food.

Cristina said...

I like the expression "Foodie Snobbery", I never heard it before.
and I do agree with you against it!

Jill said...

When my boys were small, we had a tradition of "Macaroni Monday" (followed, of course, by "Taco Tuesday"), which I always felt a little guilty about, because of the carb and fat quotient. But it was meatless!
I also feel guilty for living in the suburbs, because of its higher environmental impact compared to living in an [efficiently] dense urb--except on Sundays, when I leave the SUV in the garage and walk to the farmers' market with my re-usable bags. I can at least feel virtuous for a moment or two--although it's a bitch when the dog refuses to help tote the watermelons home.
Somehow, I don't think moving everyone to northern California is a practical solution, either, so we'll all just have to keep mindfully doing what we can.

Anonymous said...

michael pollan wrote a famous take-down of whole foods in one of his books. maybe it had some influence. anyway, i live near manhattan's union square farmers' market thus also near the union square whole foods. after years of trying to shop the farmers' market and finding it outrageously expensive, i've turned to whole foods. perhaps it's the proximity of farmers' markets and need to compete but prices now are far more reasonable for organic produce--bunch of organic golden or red beets for $1.99 last week (and this price held at the whole foods on houston). as someone who raises organic produce in my own garden in the summer (no, not in the city) i've had it with the arrogant pricing of these city 'farmers' markets.' they might as well be buying organic at other stores and then marking it double, or triple.

Gretchen said...

The food police, the Prius sanctimonials, the eco-clothing snobs...every one of these groups have given a truly hideous reputation for treating the planet with respect and each other with grace and dignity. I agree with those here who say we need to do what we can (we only have this earth on loan, and if we desecrate it, we all lose. Climate change is real, over-chemicaled, processed food is not our best option, but we can only do our best and live mindfully without beating up ourselves or others), and find that those who complain the most are those who really COULD make a difference, yet elect to be as greedy, self-absorbed, and pretentious as possible. The food snobs are the very ones with the hyper-glam kitchens, who drive the Lexus Hybrid. I buy from Whole Foods AND from Safeway, as well as my local market(when I can wake up early enough to get there for their amazingly small selection). I'm no snob, but I like the variety of apples my Whole Foods has (most aren't perfect, and many are local), the fishes are sustainably farmed, and they have more gluten-free food available as I'm a celiac. But the staff drives me just as crazy in their pretentiousness as the hipsters, the granola crowd, and the excruciatingly rich. What ever happened to plain, simple good food? I don't blame the 70s--I blame the 80s and the yuppification of everything....

Thea said...

i visited a place out past Manassas, VA called seven oaks lavender farm, which is owned by a mom and her daughters. they sell their lavender to whole foods in the d.c. area. one of the daughters also started a business which sells locally grown products from the surrounding farms in her area. it really helps get those products right to the customer. her lavender products are great. she even makes her own lavender dog biscuits. Very interesting women and a business a gardener person would love.

Lines of Beauty said...

Below is one of my favorite meatless Monday recipes. It's a crowd pleaser because of it's secret ingredients (lemon juice, cumin and peanut butter).

Mama Louisa's Quick and Easy Chili:

For 12 people quadruple the following ingredients. There will be some leftover- which is heavenly.

In 2 tablespoon of olive oil saute:

1 medium onion
1/2 green pepper
2 cloves of garlic

Cook till onions are translucent and then add in:

1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1-2 teaspoons salt
1 big can of diced tomatoes and their juice (28 ounce size)

Cook 15 minutes.

Add in 2 cans of red kidney beans
2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Add a bit of water if it gets too think.

Simmer 10 more minutes & serve over rice with sour cream or grated cheddar cheese.

david terry said...

P.S. #256......

I bet a shiny red apple that I'm the ONLY person posting on this thing who, in his early thirties, was utterly thrilled-beyond-measure to be hired by Whole Foods as the illustrator for the outside of the cookie boxes. It was one of those many, early "big breaks" that (according to what I'd been told) are supposed to change your career, your life, and your self.

Whole Foods did, indeed, pay me quite decently, as I recall....but my problem came about when, having gotten a free case of their "chocolate biscotti", my gradstoodint-budget self gave those away for Christmas presents.....and I got about twenty telephone calls, all asking some variation on "Have you actually LOOKED inside this damn box you painted?....there's only about six, teeny-tiny, f****ng cookies there!...what are these people THINKING?!?!?....."

Experiencedly yours as ever,

David Terry

Thea said...

david, they must have been delicious if your giftees wanted

Isadora said...

:) I'm old enough to have grown up with Friday always being meatless. I guess in our day and age everything must be a protest so now it is a meatless Monday.

In any case, it is good rest for the digestive system.

A day of fasting altogether would be good too.

The Down East Dilettante said...

A resounding 'Yup!; to this one. You go girl

Watercolor said...

I live in Mississippi. No Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Local groceries carry organic and I buy it when I can but it is at least twice as expensive. And usually looks like it had a hard road to get here. Organic milk and eggs I buy. But still it is at least 3x more expensive and makes me wince to buy. Lower income families can't do it. $4 for a half gallon of milk when the one next to it is $1.05 for a whole gallon? How does a lower income mom working minimum wage do it when I barely can? Government should quit subsidizing stupid stuff and subsidize the healthy stuff we actually need to eat.

Anonymous said...

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zephyr said...


Anonymous said...

found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

Beanhouses said...

Not only are our eggs and chickens 'chem-free', but so are our veggies and flowers. Years ago when we were starting our own farm and our family we decided against chemicals. So organic seemed like the right idea. Not so, organic doesn't necessarily mean that chemicals have not been sprayed all over your food, it just means that the government has marked them as organic. We made the choice to grow chemical free. There are some things that we just can not grow well enough to sell without chemicals, so we don't. We use a lot of man power(or woman and kid power)and seldom have any gas powered equipment in our fields. We compare local prices of other non-chem free farms and grocery stores and offer competitive prices. Yet, people would still rather do the one stop shopping thing. I know several families that talk of eating organic and healthy and drive by our farm on their way to Whole Foods some 30 miles away or further. If you don't support your local farmers there won't be any soon. The average age of the RI farmer is 54. If the children of farmers see their families struggling they certainly won't want to get into the business. Everyone needs to 'know their farmer, know their food'. Stop and talk to some farmers and find out how they really raise YOUR food. See if its what you thought. People cringe at our pasture raised broilers at 5.00/lb., when for 10-12 weeks they are feed all natural food, brought fresh water 2 sometimes 3 times a day, and they are moved twice a day. Not to mention buying them as chicks and the time processing, packaging and storing them. I hear 'chicken should be the cheapest meat' all the time. No it really shouldn't, if raised humanly. Just make sure that extra money you are spending is really getting you what you think it is.
Sorry for ranting, I am surely preaching to the choir. I had fallen off my soap box for awhile, apparently I found my way up again.
Thanks for listening.

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