Here's a link to my latest column for the Environmental Defense Fund on the Clean Air Act. I learned a great deal about the Clean Air Act, signed into law by President Richard Nixon--and I was really surprised to find out that we're in danger of losing its protections, because polluters want a freer hand. I'll be writing more about this in the coming months, but for now, we should all be aware that we're going to have a fight on our hands. I can't fathom why anyone would be for more air pollution--aren't we all breathing the same air?--but that's what we're up against.


Unknown said...

Dear Dominique,
I just happened to read about your book Slow Love on a blog, which I wrote down to pick up and sorry I don't remember which blog, down the rabbit hole you know? This weekend I stumbled upon your blog through Absolutely Beautiful Things. I share your concerns about our mother earth and your passion to educate. Sometimes I feel like nobody's talking about any of this and no one's listening either. Thank you for speaking for and to all of us! I love the way you write and am enjoying your blog. Can't wait to start Slow Love. Thank you, thank you!
:) Susan

Unknown said...

Dear Dominique,
I've have wanted to touch base with you. I have followed you since you edited House and Garden.
I read an article you wrote for Guns and Gardens where you spoke about you summers in Hopkinsville, KY. This peaked my interest and made me wonder you family connection, then in your last article in Good Housekeeping and you made the connection. Elk Brand. There is a saying in Hopkinsville, everything of importance comes through Hoptown. Well, you have proved this saying to be true again. (esp for me). Thank you for your insight and also your memories of Hopkinsville.
Liz Anderson, west KY

c said...

Maybe I'm a bit too naive, but it's not that anyone would be in favor of pollution. It's just that they cannot see past their own noses, and can't bear to side with humanity to the detriment of profits for Big Business.

Keep hammering away. You DO make a difference. Even if very few of us comment on your environmental topics.

Bruce Barone said...

Great post at link. Thank You. I am going to look into how I can be more involved here in Western Massachusetts. I am a member of the West Springfield Environmental Committee but I feel there is so much more that I could and should be doing.

karenleslie said...

i think what dominique meant was that how could anyone support big business who sell their pollution as "freedom", "keeping jobs"
"too much govnt interfering with business" -- hey kids, it's called "pollution" no matter what spin they put on it...

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