Living in Rhode Island, I’m very interested in what happens in Massachusetts. We’re such close neighbors that there are times, as I drive home to the coast, that I’m not sure which state I’m in.
I was delighted when Massachusetts joined a regional initiative to cut down power company emissions--which include not only carbon dioxide, but many air toxics, like mercury. State senator Scott Brown helped push this initiative through. Hurray!
But last week? BOO! Scott Brown, now a US Senator, voted to strip the EPA of the authority to regulate any greenhouse gases. Brown went from being a conservationist to voting with Senators who cynically refuse to acknowledge the science linking climate change and greenhouse gases.
Brown and his cohorts are against government regulation. But there are times when regulation is all that stands in the way of a healthy world, and a polluted one. The Clean Air Act is one of those jewels of regulation--though even it hasn't been enforced enough. If you want to see what it is like to live without government enforcement of pollution controls, go breathe the air in China and India. We’re lucky that Brown's bill last week did not pass. But you can see what is at stake. And you can believe the fight will go on.
Among the people who contributed generously to Brown’s campaign is pro-polluter David Koch. Brown thanked Koch for his support during the election campaign: it “meant a ton,” as Brown put it.
I don’t think he meant a ton of pollution.
But moms and dads in Massachusetts ought to be up in arms about Brown’s reversal. Dangerous emissions from coal plants pollute everyone’s air. Mercury is especially dangerous to fetuses.
And what about moms and dads working in the growing clean energy sector in Massachusetts? Brown’s vote isn’t helping protect their jobs either.
Write to Brown’s office and let him know your support means tons, too.


Sandy Donn said...

Sadly his change seems predictable. Thank you for writing about the Clean Air Act and shining the flashlight on Scott Brown. Politics takes the trust quotient and shreds it these days. . .very hard to keep up!

Diana Brito said...

Dominque, just posted this post and Scott Brown's telephone number to my niece's FB page in hopes that she and her friends at her university might want to call his office. I say call out the young people, call out the seniors, call out everyone. We are stewards of this beautiful earth and with that comes responsibility.

By the way in case anyone wants to call him directly to complain this is his senate office number - (617) 565-3170. It is posted on his website, so there is no concern about posting a private number.

Diana from San Francisco

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...


I know Scott Brown...I was so proud that he as a Jr Senator would cross over to do the right for "WE THE PEOPLE." I think, this is a case of 'the elections' coming up soon. Sad! I, personally feel he is being push by people like Mitt Romney and the rest of the GOP.

I will indeed get in touch with him. This is such an important issue. The Clean Air ACT Bill, is a must.

I LOVE that Sandy, stated..."Shining the flashlight on Scott Brown. In a commencement I gave I told the students..."You must shine your light beyond your own backyard!"

Thank you, for shining yours in this post. BTW: I, also live in Rhode Island..A move from Boston!!

William said...


I think you should be assigned the task of personally spanking Scott Brown after sharing a bottle of Victoria Gin.

c said...

Perfect example of why most people are so apathetic when it comes to politics in this country. Brown was probably never a conservationist, just a conservative.

When one puts one's faith in a candidate who sounds sincere, says the things one wants to hear, espouses one's own ideals, one busts his/her tail off to get said candidate elected and s/he is indeed elected ... wow! such a feeling of hope.

And then, s/he turns out to be just another lying s.o.b.

We the people MUST come up with a new strategy as the old ones do not work - read Marlo Thomas' latest on (un)Equal Pay in her blog


Money. Everything is about money. We are capitalists and the only language politicians understand is $$$$$$

Violet Cadburry said...

Term limits and campaign spending limits. He lacks integrity, honesty and dignity.

mary said...

Please keep sounding the alarm regarding conservation and other environmental issues. Our combined voices do make a difference.

Warren said...

I'm frankly confounded by Massachusetts. How can a state elect the Kennedys and Romney? How can so many of its constituents oppose a wind farm out in the ocean? How can Brown be against the EPA? Is it something in the water? In the air? Can the EPA regulate that too? Sometimes I think there is a place for Tinkerbell and her pixie dust. Is it wrong to wish this way?

VL said...

The EPA is in worse shape than most of us imagine, thanks to budget cuts that have snuck under the radar --not only to the EPA itself, which is bad enough, but to the state offices that are responsible for carrying out EPA edicts. The New York Times reported on this, but it hasn't gotten nearly enough attention, and we all need to be aware. I quote from their article and draw a few connections in a recent post: hhttp://wwwmiscellaneousmusings.blogspot.com/2011/04/if-consistency-is-hobgoblin-of-little.html

Anonymous said...

As for Scott Brown, he does not have the courage of his convictions...he was elected because he charmed the people with false promises...to him I say...if you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen....get out of it! He cannot have two masters...one ,the people and two...his donors!

William said...

Regardless of how Scott Brown voted on this particular issue, in general his 'across party lines' voting record is impressive for any Republican OR Democrat - in his case voting almost half the time with Democrats. In our solidly divided Washington, nothing impresses me more than when someone has the courage to vote with the other party, whether that person be a Republican or a Democrat and whether or not I agree with their position.

Anonymous said...

I have already written Scott Brown about other issues and I find the idea he even got into elected office unbelievable. Dick of the first order.

Anonymous said...

Air pollution linked to premenopausal breast cancer:

How much does that cost vs. pollution controls and (gasp, horrors) regulation?

We swim in a literal ocean of chemical pollutants that are changing our bodies -- and the bodies of our children and their children.

It's a disaster happening at a glacial pace.

Anonymous said...

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