For all you moms and dads--and all school teachers too, even though summer break is upon you--here's a wonderful report from one of my Moms Clean Air Force colleagues, Roxana Soto, on the recent Green Kids Conference. The organization Green Kids Now was founded by eleven year old Pavan Gowda. His mom is the president of the organization. Smart guy.


Warren said...

Dominique, here's one to promote. NYTimes article on leaving the cable box on 24/7. THink of all the CO2 we'd eliminate by turning these off!

Sunday NYTimes:

Atop TV Sets, a Power Drain Runs Nonstop

A new study has found that some home entertainment systems eat more energy than refrigerators or central air-conditioning systems


Dominique said...

Wow. Let us know how you get yours turned off! I put TV on a power strip that turns it all the way off. But cable....??? same for internet modems?