Have you all seen these shoes around? Five-toed, thin-soled, meant to help you realign your gait. My son Theo swears by them; I've stopped women on the streets to ask how they feel, after miles of concrete. Everyone says they're fabulous. Would anyone admit it if they hated them? I just can't stop smiling when I see them, though. They make the wearer look like a new sort of human creature, with colorful webbing between its toes. But I couldn't even bring myself to try them on. The shoe salesman finally rocked back on his heels, took a good look at me, and said "Honey, (this being New York City), you know, you don't have to go for fads. Stick with what you need." Back to padding and protection for me. Life's bumps are challenge enough; I don't need the grit and gravel of the streets irritating my sole. 


Judith Ross said...

I know that many runners swear by these but for some reason they give me the willies.

Deborah A said...

Why do I think that the next time I see my son he will have these on? They are definetly right up his alley.
When I look at them all I think of is Kramer on Seinfeld, can't you just see him wearing these?

quintessence said...

Ha! I love Deborah's comment about Kramer - I could definitely see him wearing these! Not quite my style but very amusing! They remind me of the toed slippers my uncle brought me back from Japan when I was little!

profA said...

I first saw these on a 50 something yoga instructor friend of mine who loves them. Saw them most recently yesterday on a 20 something hiker in Keene Valley. Both times I thought about how much more padding I now need at the sole side and how sweaty my toesies might become. How does one wash these? Another use for Q tips and Windex?
Linda B.

Deborah A said...

I was walking down 6A, early this beautiful Cape Cod morning, deep in my own thoughts. I hear it first, swish, swish, swish, I look up and there, like a vision, is a beautiful Indian women striding towards me at a fast clip. She is in full traditional garb, long flowing robes and pants in bright aqua, gold and silver, glinting from the sunlight. I am mesmerized by this stunning sight. Her eyes are covered with designer sunglasses, I see she has a wrist band on taking her pulse. I assume she is on a mission to beat her last time. As she passes I notice she has on a brand new pair of Nike running shoes. The need for foot comfort is universal!

Warren said...

The idea of running barefoot takes me back to being a kid. Maybe that's what it is all about. But I agree, it is a lot different running on Mother Earth than man-made concrete -- with all the waste we seem to leave.

Tru Dillon said...

seems like you would get chafing between your toes!

Cristina said...

yeah, they don't look confortable at all, unless one wore them to walk on rocks to reach the sea. swimming around there won't be any problem of chafing nor sweating.

Ann Marie said...

My yoga instructor wears these as he rushes around Washington DC to his different classes. I thought they could never be comfortable on the concrete. I tried them on one day in GTown and the store had concrete floors. I was astounded; they were unbelievably comfortable. I almost bought them, but I have too many shoes already. You need to try them on before you judge.

Anonymous said...

I guess "Born To Run" was taken a bit to serious.
They are bozo looking

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