I used to have to drag my reluctant sons out to shop for clothing--well, one was reluctant. The other has always had distinctive, rigorous style guidelines--for a few grade school years it was only "soft pants" from the Gap, before he dived into the world of indigo denim and so far has not come out again. I've learned more than I need to know about twill. But both sons have introduced me to shops I would never have come across myself.

The current favorite with the son studying for the bar exam (smart guy, everyone knows that shopping is therapeutic) is General Knot and Company. This is the most charming purveyor of bow ties and neckties I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across. (They share my penchant for driftwood too, judging by the design of their website.)

General Knot is run by two men who met while waiting for a train to New York City; one was a fashion design director and the other a software architect. They share "adoration for...all things vintage, and an unyielding desire to create enduring products." They hunt down vintage fabrics at estate sales, auctions, and they also buy material from collectors.

Each "edition" of ties is very limited (nine bowties, for instance) and beautifully handmade in the U.S.A. Guys wearing ties from General Knot will never see themselves coming and going. Beyond chic.

I love shopping for men's clothing. There's something wonderful about cotton shirts and handkerchiefs and blocky sweaters that are classic and timeless. I wrote recently about buying linen shorts (for myself) at Banana Republic, and of course every summer I have to buy a new handkerchief--someone has discovered my stash, which looks a bit depleted....hmm.



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I want to wear these.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

A great source for my son...Thank you!

Tru Dillon said...

I once made a skirt from old ties. So many beautiful fabrics. great photos as usual.thanks.

Lines of Beauty said...

I love their story and the ties. And their name!

sparkletruly said...

Thank you for this lovely post. Sadly, I do not have any tie-wearing men in my life at the moment - ever hopeful though - but I love vintage fabric and the very idea that two strangers could meet through serendipity and create something so wonderful as a unique tie company makes me want to celebrate. I'm finding that it's the little things in life that bring me the most joy lately. Thanks for sharing this information.

mary said...

Hmmmm. And I thought that it was only daughters that eyed Mom's wardrobe (or jewelry box). I love the ties.

Warren said...

Have your sons check out Vineyard Vines -- a small biz success on Martha's Vineyard that designs very unique ties too.

Has anyone noticed how many boys/men don't wear ties now? Neighbors always seem to ring my door bell to get help when their sons have to wear a tie.

c said...

love the ties, just not willing to spend $100 on one of them for my tie-wearing man. Who never sees the one he's wearing "coming and going", (he has very unusual ties).

Call me crazy, I'll not blink at a shrub costing that much ... but a tie?

Cristina said...

I do like a lot the one in your first photo: amazing small animals and flowers, in that chic tone of blue.

lorna sass said...

You can get some great ties (and other clothing) at thrift stores--a great way to recycle. Then, give the $ you saved to your favorite charity.

david terry said...


I spent most of my childhood and young adult years in coat&tie schools...including 4 years at a college where coat&tie were required. Afterwards, I went to Oxford, where coat&tie were required for tutorials and meals. Basically, I spent most of my life, until I was thirty or so, wearing ties everyday; it's a lot simpler to simply wear one at all times than to go scrambling back to your room to fetch one if you want to be allowed in the dining room. In my bid for your sympathy, I should add that, even back home, my brothers and I weren't allowed to wear blue-jeans unless we were doing something "outside". Khakis, while regarded as "work pants" by my grandmother,WERE allowed inside the house, if we didn't have company. We were NEVER allowed to wear just a t-shirt (even outside), and we had to ALWAYS wear a t-shirt under a shirt when inside.

The result of my spending that many years in what was basically a uniform was/is my being completely & notoriously unable (pretty much even now) to shop or choose clothes. I just plain-out BALK at the insurmountable task of "picking out something 'interesting' to wear" Presumably, the same problem afflicts men who've been in prison for 25 and more years.

Hard to believe, but?...back when I taught in Virginia boiz-boreding-skoolz during my late twenties, I would let my dogs out early each morning and then sit on a stool in the dorm hallway. Thirty or so new (or just lazy) boys would line up in front of me and quickly file by, as I side-gripped a cigarette in my mouth, ran them through quick tips on their Latin or French quiz, and tied their ties on their skinny necks. Most were, of course, taller than I was, but I quickly mastered the art of tying a tie while standing behind someone. Just close your eyes and don't "think" about the business while you're doing it (a technique that came in handy, later and under different circumstances). Then, we would all troop off to breakfast. I was immensely popular as a teacher, probably because of this service. I don't think this would happen these days.

In regard to these ties you've discussed? These "vintage material" (and eye-poppingly expensive)ties remind me of the bow-ties we used to get, on a regular basis, at Sewanee (where coat&tie were required, of course). One of my friends had am absolutely delightful "Granny Gifford", who was from Very Backwoods Izard County, Arkansas. She never quite understood what an "Episterpanion" was, hadn't gone to school beyond the 6th grade, and certainly had never even heard of a Brooks Brothers or L.L.Bean catalogue.

She DID, however, know what a "tie" was, and she knew we had to wear them at school. Plus, they cost a lot of money. So....she made us ties.....string bow-ties....the very-best ones were made with scraps of her old gingham dresses from the 1930's onwards. The most alarming ones were made from scraps taken from the polyester house-dresses she'd taken to wearing during the early 70's. She thought those ones were THE BEST, and we could never convince her to stick to all-cotton.

She sent ties (recall the sort of tie Colonel Sanders wore in the KFC ads?) to her grandson and three of his friends just about every month. 8 would come in a box, along with fruit pies she had fried in lard and wrapped in wax paper.

I still have all those skinny, little cotton bowties. Thirty years later, I use them as curtain-ties in all the rooms of this old house. I still have a note she, at age 80, sent in 1978 (and I quote from the note, which is in the big trunk by the front door):

"Here some pies and ties
Hope it help.
I love you
Mae Gifford"

(that's one of my favorite pieces of modern poetry, by the way....and I'll grab it on my way-out if this joint ever catches on fire)

Thanks for the obviously evocative posting, Ms. Browning.

David Terry

Cristina said...

I do not doubt for a moment these lines by the incredible Ms. Mae are something you'll cherish for ever.

david terry said...

Oh, "Christina"...she was DEFINITELY "MRS Gifford".She'd have been insulted if you referred to her by anything other than that title.

More amusingly?...Granny Gifford once got sorta famous when her pet parakeet, "Mister Peety-Bird" got loose. He was on her shoulder when she went out to dry clothes on the line...and he flew up into the trees and got his-self LOST.

85 year old Granny Gifford called up all the television stations in St. Louis (which is about three hours away from West Plains, MO) and told them to GET ON THE STICK! She would offer a 50$ CASH REWARD for Mister Petie-bird! She did an interview all in front of TV cameras. I kid you not. Rather obviously, some intern took one look and decided that she was something straight out of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry....

Varous sorta-local television stations picked up on the business. Many BAD people tried to get the money by passing off a cheap/fake parakeet.

finally, someone (about ten miles away from West Plains) called in and said they had got themselves a parakeet that had flowed in and looked like it maybe was the one.

It WAS, indeed, Mr. Peety-Bird. Granny Gifford got her treasured parakeet back, and she also refused to pay the promised reward-money. She gruffly did this on the local TV station's tape.....

I saw the tape. She stone-wall stared at the TV camera and declared "I ain't gone to pay them! you can tell the whole week they had Mister Peety Bird they din't feed him nothin' but old yellow-watermelon seed!"

And that was THAT.

There's nothing like standing up for your principles, is there?....

Level Best as Ever,(and I am not making ANY of this up...)

david Terry

Cristina said...

unwise me who had pictured Mrs. Gifford like a frail-even-if-hardworking dear old lady...
nothing frail about her, I see!

david terry said...

Oh, Cristina.....Granny gifford was, for the most part of her life, a good 5'10" and weighed at least a solid 200 pounds and could tell you how to rope, hang, and butcher a 400 pound hog. For that matter, she could do (and had done) it herself, with very little assistance from other folks.

Not to go entirely unsentimental on you, but?.....

There was a time and place where&when, until relatively recently, if a working-class , southern woman wasn't strong in some very-readily identifiable ways, she got cut down quite early (by our standards) in life.

In any case,, Granny Gifford bore scarcely any resemblance to that aged, LA actress who played Grandman Walton on everyone's television sets during the 1970's.

She was, simultaneously, WILDLY sentimental. She once wrote a note to the four of us (all wildly-committed homosexualists by age 21) "you boys have got to stick together. It is nothing like Sweet School Friends Through Life that you will remember.". As I wrote previously, she never got to go beyond the 6th grade .

I think she got that out of some victorian phrase-book. I never asked her about it, since I liked it (and her) already.


david terry

Deborah A said...

I love your stories, honestly I could read them all day!
Dominique, I wish your son the best of luck on the bar exam.
Warren, I have been to Vineyard Vines. I travel to the Vineyard a few times a year. Love it over there.

Dominique said...

Of course, thrift shops have fabulous vintage ties--already made! Believe me, we've done quite a bit of sleuthing around in those places. Lots of fun with the guys, and with nieces too! Laughing about the doorbell ringing--I think it might mean that ties are making a comeback. And yes, for myself, a shrub is a wiser investment....

I am now walking around, like winnie the pooh, humming, here are some pies and ties, hope it help, la dee da...thank you.

Cristina said...

(my last comment on this very post, I swear it!)
to Mr. David - yes, again! -:
I nearly fainted when I read that Granny Gifford was able to "rope, hang and BUTCHER a 400 pounds DOG".
Horror!!!! then I reread more carefully and, phew!, it was a HOG, not a dog.

Judith Ross said...

SO many memories tied up in ties :-)

My mother, who died when I was 17, was quite the seamstress and for a while went on a tie-making tear. I even got my youngish-teen self into the act. I remember making a tie for my Dad that he kept forever and for my brother.

And then my eldest son, when he was still playing in classical groups, often needed to don a tuxedo. No snap-on bow ties for him. The excellent English teacher at his high school, who wore a bow tie every day, showed him how to tie it. And as I'm writing this I remember my younger son in high school signaling his older brother (home that week from college) from ON STAGE to meet him in the wings to help with his bow tie.

Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

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