I'm so pleased to read an appreciation of my MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE colleague Jill Miller Zimon, who not only writes about air pollution for us, but has been on an impressive running streak with her own blog, Writes Like She Talks. Jill was singled out on the weekly e-magazine site, Freshwater Cleveland, for her sharp thinking and tough reporting. Thanks to writer Erin O'Brien, who says "Don't Miss" Jill's posts for MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE--that's a link to Jill's piece called "This Is Your Brain On Air Pollution".

One of the most enlightening aspects of my work with MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE is that I'm reading my way deep into "mommy blogger" country--and meeting amazing women. But I'm also learning a great deal about the impact of local blogs on local politics. Jill's blog is a great model for any journalist interested in making a mark, no matter where she lives. Worth checking out, even if you've never been to Cleveland.

OHIO MOMS: Join us now to fight for our children's health.

I was blown away by Cherise Udell's experience in Utah, where she gathered a powerful movement to clean up the air there. And made a huge difference! MOTHERHOOD IS POWERFUL!

And yes, I am going to ask readers of Slow Love Life to Join the Force--if you haven't already done so. You know who you are. And I do too.

And thank you to all who have joined me. Things are getting wild out there, in pro-pollution land. I recently wrote about how pro-pollution forces have taken a page from the climate crisis denial handbook.

Ask your friends to join us. Our strength will come in numbers.

We'll never ask for money. Just love.


c said...

hmmm ... I believe I joined a few months ago. But I never received a newsletter or an email, or anything.

How do I check to see if I DID join?

Dominique said...

That's odd. Try joining again. We have been sending out the occasional email to ask people to write to the EPA, and will do that again because the window for comments closes August 4th. Thank you though! xd

c said...


No idea what happened, but I tried it again and it worked this time. I got an email back already ...

Anonymous said...

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