In the news over at MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE, my colleague Abbie Walston, a young mother in Connecticut, writes a piece about how she, as a Republican, is furious at last week's slew of legislative attacks on environmental protection--decades-old legislation that was a jewel in the crown of political bipartisan craftsmanship (something we could use more of today).

We have entered a period of unprecedented efforts to dismantle and gut the EPA, with people going so far as to blame EPA for today's budgets woes. This is politics at their worst: EPA has a relatively small budget already, and a track record for using it efficiently--and its regulations have spurred a terrific host of engineering and manufacturing breakthroughs not only on cleaner energy sources, but on cleaning up our older sources.

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments has joined MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE! Welcome all of you, and thanks so much for your support. Their first post is a must-read for anyone considering getting pregnant, or already so.

For my friends in Texas, please take a look at Gina Carroll's piece on how Texas is the Number One state for mercury pollution, from its electricity sector.

And finally, for my friends in Utah, a piece from Cherise Udell, the formidable mama bear behind Utah Moms for Clean Air. She took her young daughters to the sentencing of Tim DeChristopher, who made false bids during an auction of public land to oil and gas leases, as a protest. Udell didn't take her daughters to see a villian. She wanted to show them what an American hero looked like.

To all readers of Slow Love Life: We are in an urgent time; we must engage as citizens to protect our right to clean air. Please, if you have not already done so, join us at Moms Clean Air Force. Ask your friends to sign up. Together, we can make our voices heard. When you sign up, it makes it possible for me to send you instruction on how to make a difference, quickly and easily, over the next few months. And our team can send information, too, so that you can stay informed about the issues.

If you have already joined, we have only one week left to send the EPA support for its new mercury rulings. Use our easy form to tell the EPA you want to limit toxic mercury pollution.

Motherhood is powerful! Sisterhood is powerful! Humanity is powerful! Dads, brothers, uncles and nephews are always welcome in our ranks--after all, you were once babies, who looked to your moms for protection. We're here for you still! 


Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...


Thank you for another great post...I am finding you to be a great resource of infromation and wonderful energies. After your last article about "Mom's Clean Air Force." I sign up and put it on my Facebook page for others to do the same. As far as the the *Five -Toed Creatures.* I so agree with you! ;-)

mary said...

Hi Dominique, Thanks for giving the link to this great action network. I know how powerful the effect of accumulated voices can be. Mary

Judith Ross said...

Count me in!

profA said...

I did. I have and I'm glad.
Thank you for the focus your blog is making on this worthy group.
Linda B.

CHC said...

Dominique, I know you mean so well, but our government is rapidly going down the tubes - Isn't it time to rally the force of women to tell Congress we're not going to put up with this crap any longer?

Deborah A said...

I agree with CHC, like I said in a prior comment, we are in crisis, before we can obtain funding for ANY of our causes we have to set the debt limit. Without the $$$$ there will be no funding, no veterans social security, or disability checks, not to mention a loss in faith that could plunge the stock market, causing a severe trickle down effect to our whole economy. This is about as frightening as it can get.
It is time to rally and tell our congress to get it together or get out! What I'm saying and probably CDC is too, right now, at this moment, we have bigger fish to fry.
Please don't take this as a negative on your cause, I like it, think its a great goal to work toward, but right now I'm worried about peoples checks be delivered to them next week so they can eat, pay the rent,and get medicine.
Personally, I hope President Obama takes his congressional right and just ups the debt limit as he see the need, get the elderly, sick and vets their checks and cuts off pay checks to the congress that are stalling. You will see a fast change of heart( I use that loosely) in the congress then.

profA said...

Visa a vie clean air. It was a little too clean for my liking yesterday on our trip down the Northway, Garden State, etc. I-95 and all. Nary a bug on the windshield. "In the Old Days", the glass was a bloody mess and we were swiping and wiping. " I break for Monarch Butterflies" could have been our bumper sticker. Is this GW? Is this too many pesticides? Please advise. On a happier note, the cleome by the front door that I had thought to pull when we got home, is swarming with honey bees. Yeah!
And thanks to the heat, eggplant is booming and tomato blight is being held at bay.
Linda B.

PSING said...

i am not certain i understand why we can't act on both counts. why we can't send our letters, comments on mercury ( The Mom's Clean Air Force makes it very easy to do so, just go to their site that Dominique has conveniently linked for you) and say "ENOUGH"- and you can do that either before you contact Washington/your representatives and senators to tell them how you feel about the crisis of leadership and the need to raise the debt ceiling. Thanks everyone for caring about all of these issues, and thank you dominique for providing a forum for so many diverse concerns. pamela ingram

Deborah A said...

Yes, Pam you are 100% correct, if people following SlowLoveLife are behind Moms Clean Air Force, then they should sign up and send their message to their congressmen and senators. If they are worried about the state of our government then they should call, send emails, write and do anything in their power to send their message. They certainly can do both.
Like I said without the debt ceiling being lifted, there will be no funding for any of our causes. It has to come first.

profA said...

Getting things in the right order seems particularly challenging for our current Congress. Executive Function Disorder (and I don't know if the pun is intended or not! Time will tell.) seems to be running amok! In the spirit of D's sermon last week and since it is Sunday ONCE more, let us put collective hands together and press SEND.
Linda B.

Warren said...

I'm all for EPA. If you are a concerned moderate middle of the roader as I am support this and go look at www.Americanselect.org -- a grassroot effort for the voting middle to create a third party free of the madness of far left and far right. Thomas Friedman wrote about it last week. Both parties have to remember to improve upon the past efforts rather than take us backward.

Anonymous said...

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