This morning I read an email from my MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE colleague Elisa Batista about how her Catholic church group is helping people write to the EPA in favor of strong regulations on mercury pollution. I suddenly remembered being a teenager learning about the Vietnam War at church; I grew up thinking that an important part of the ministry was political engagement. I respect that engagement, no matter what position is taken: anti-war, or anti-abortion. I can disagree, but I think it is profoundly important for groups of faith to listen to one another,  and to provide a forum for discussion and guidance.

I’ve been intrigued, and more than a little mystified, by Governor Rick Perry’s strategy of ending the drought in Texas by praying to God to send rain. 

Not because of the prayer part, mind you. Even committed agnostics have been known to pray to God when things are going badly--either because their belief turns out to be buried deep inside, or just to cover their bases. I understand why Perry would write a proclamation to ask others to join with him in prayer.

No, what mystifies me is Perry’s attitude that this is a ONE WAY DEAL.  God has to save us. But we can do WHATEVER WE WANT!

Many religious leaders understand that the Bible tells them that humans were meant to be stewards of the Earth. Having dominion does not mean being destructive. For instance, some religious groups have come together to articulate a religious response to global warming in an organization called Interfaith Power and Light

Governor Rick Perry is not among their number. He protects the coal plants that keep polluting, keep poisoning the air, keep harming fetuses and infants and toddlers. Texas has some of the most polluting coal plants in the country. Even Texas' beloved pecan trees are dying from coal pollution. Perry seems to think God should look kindly on this abuse of nature.

If you are religious, you believe that God is here, among us, with us, in us. Maybe because I come from a long line of ministers on my Browning side, I couldn't help but think in terms of a sermon for Governor Perry:

God warned Noah of a terrible flood, and told Noah to build an ark. (If the citizens of the Ark threw their trash overboard during their long floating ordeal, it was only because they didn’t yet understand the consequences of pollution.) In return, God made a Covenant to protect Noah and his descendents. Noah held up his end of the deal. He did what God asked--and it was expensive and time-consuming, too. It radically altered his lifestyle. But he knew what was at stake.

Noah took care of helpless creatures. He knew he needed them, for food, for clothes, yea, even for comfort, as much as they needed him. He ferried them to safety through the Mother of All Extreme Weather Events.

We are Noah’s descendents. And we are NOT doing what God asked. We are not taking care of all creatures. We are befouling the air and the water--even as we know full well what we do. We are defacing and destroying God’s work, a work of beauty that is beyond the power of words to describe. 


God is talking to all of us. God is sending floods to drown our people and wipe our homes off the face of the earth. God is sending drought to burn our crops, and heat to fry us. God is melting off the sources of fresh water that give us life. And God is visiting upon us plagues of jellyfish.

Well, okay. That's a sermon version of what's happening. The science is that humans are bringing these terrible plagues on themselves. But science and religion can coexist in posters of mutual enhancement.

We can’t just keep doing the same old thing. We have to hold up our side of the bargain with God. We were given the gift of life in a beautiful place. We have a planet to cherish. And if we don’t, God will wipe away the pestilence--that would be us--that is destroying his most beautiful creation. Our world.

I don't know about you, but I want my children to inherit this beautiful planet. 

Governor Perry: You are praying for rain. But your actions speak louder than your prayers. God is listening. Are you? 


Bruce Barone said...

Great post. Yes, aren't we taught that prayer is listening---not talking?

jerry said...

Very well put Dominique/

Cathy whitlock said...

Excellent post and could not agree more. And not to mention the massive cuts to Planned Parenthood in Texas that leaves more than 6000 women out in the cold.

Cathy whitlock said...

Excellent post and could not agree more. And not to mention the massive cuts to Planned Parenthood in Texas that leaves more than 6000 women out in the cold.

Ann said...

Cudos for trying to find ways to communicate in a language that can be heard by Perry, Bush, and their ilk.

Unfortunately, when they hear "God is talking to all of us. God is sending floods to drown our people and wipe our homes off the face of the earth. God is sending drought to burn our crops, and heat to fry us. God is melting off the sources of fresh water that give us life. And God is visiting upon us plagues of jellyfish," they are not disturbed because these are just signs of the coming Armageddon or Rapture or whatever they think it is.

And they know unequivocally that when the END comes they will be magically transported (with their treasure) to Heaven, where gays hippies, abortionists and Al Gore are not allowed.

I miss Ann Richards and Molly Ivans every day.

mary said...

Perfectly stated. Mary

Scribbler said...

Well said, Ms. Browning. Ditto to the rest of you. I, too, miss Ann Richards and Molly Ivins.

Deborah A said...

I love this post....because you hit the nail on the head, about 20 times! I was going to write more but decided this is not the forum, better to stick to the subject on hand...cleaning up or planet!

Vajra said...

What Perry and his ilk don't understand is that prayer doesn't change what is outside us. Prayer only changes ourselves.

gemini77 said...

So I take it you would like our homosexual brothers and sisters in Christ to be stoned? Since your using the bible and all to support your opinions, right?

Anonymous said...

Great post for our planet. God IS watching and listening. Listening and watch us and our actions. We each have a responsibility in our own sphere to protect the earth. As a gardener I try to educate others about the use and misuse of products used in the garden. In the interior design world, who is watching what the textle companies are doing to pollute our Earth, and who is keeping tabs on the furniture manufacturers...the list is long, and I applaud all efforts working to make this a safer and cleaner planet!

Warren said...

While we are praying with Gov. Perry, can we also pray that the Chinese stop building a new coal-fired plant each day? If my recollection of statistics is correct, China in a few short years has surpassed the US in coal-fired emissions. (They claim to need special treatment at enivronmental global events because they are an 'emerging' country while they lead the way in pollution.)

It's not fair to pick just on Gov. Perry -- go after all of the govs and all the Senators and Cngressmen. Or is this just a ploy by the left to wack-a-mole any Republican thinking about running in 2012? Just like Bachman's migraines and Gingrich's Tiffany charge account?

Dominique said...

China's coal plant building is a disaster. Not fair? How on earth is that? It is fair to call out anyone and everyone who is contributing to pollution here. And right now, Texas is doing more harm to Texans than the Chinese are. For sure, as the planet warms, the Chinese will take our place in doing the most harm to fellow humans.

Afraid the wack-a-mole argument won't work. Migraines and jewels aren't the same preoccupations as actual responses to actual problems. Romney, while in office, had a good record on climate and the environment. I would guess right now he's going to be the Republican choice.

And no, I don't think anyone should be stoned. I am not a Biblical literalist. Most Christians and Jews aren't.

Judith Ross said...

Amen sister!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Brillant. I could not agree more.
I am tweeting this to my followers.
Everyone should read it.

Deborah A said...

I don't think we have to worry about
Dominique "whacking" any of the republican candidates so they won't run in 2012, they all have enough explaining to do...ie Rick Perry was a Democrat and jumped ship. Lets not even get into the Tea Party candidates...Rick Santorum...really REALLY? Dominique is right on, Mitt Romney is definitely the top of the heap...of course the Repubs aren't crazy about him because, in a lucid and compassionate moment when he was the Governor of Massachusetts, he pushed hard to get health care for all Mass residents. Why he now wants to deny this highly successful achievement is beyond me!
Why is it that anytime the left brings anything negative to light about the right they cry foul...crying, someone is picking on us, when behind the scenes they are doing the same thing? It just gets old.

Manolo blahnik said...

Good article! Thank you for sharing.

Warren said...

I am not saying one is better than the other; all the candidates are lacking. So is their desire for real change. (Why did it take so long to approve alternative energy wind power closer to RI? Why not go after Harry Reid for killing the only plan to 'safely' store the nuclear disaster in waiting that's stored in all the cooling tanks all over the country?)

We all share the same concerns. We all want to save the earth. We have to come up with concensus solutions that 'include' rather than 'pillory' our leaders. That means we also have to take charge of using less energy -- even if it means turning off lights and air conditioners.

40 years ago the moderate middle of the Dems and Repubs could forge alliances that got stuff done -- like voting rights laws and the EPA. Now we label them outlaws -- 'the gang of six.'

We need more solutions that come from the middle. But as the rhetoric here shows (and I take some responsibility for it) it is very easy to spiral to extremes where no solutions exist.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...


Deborah A said...

Warren, I could go into a long dissertation on why what happened forty years is impossible at this time but I won't, just bear in mind we did not have the extremist philosophy's that we have now....just listen to Fox Network for 30 minutes, and you will have your answer. As for saving the planet, right or wrong, of the list. Politicians are pushing the issues that are near and dear to their constituents hearts.
As for "Wind Power", our town just went through 9 months of hearings, all very heated, emotional and very educational. Lots of pros and cons on bringing huge (425 ft high) turbines to provide electricity to the town . I can tell you its not all "green". As for saving money it turns out it would take at least 10 years for the residents to see savings if at all. The turbines need a lot of maintenance and are "down" alot. Their are a number of bad side effects...health (flicker) noise, broken sleep patterns if you live too close and of course loss of property value if your property is too close to these huge wind turbines.
Nothing is simple, nothing is clear cut, what appear to be the perfect answer is not always so.
I am happy to say that today is the first day I was able to turn of the A/C. I personally would give up food and live in the dark as long as I am cool and dry.
I always enjoy your comments, you are a gentlemen and a scholar for sure.

Manolo blahnik said...

I really liked your article and I shared with my friends in my facebook account.

Manolo blahnik said...

I really liked your article and I shared with my friends in my facebook account.

Manolo blahnik said...

I really liked your article and I shared with my friends in my facebook account.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

@ Anne,

I, too miss Anne Richards and Molly Ivins..Oh what I would give to see what *Our Miz Molly, would be writing today!On her second to last article you might recall she said..."I am going to run an old fashion campain and get them out here..." On her last article...SHe lwft us with such wise words. "We Are The Deciders." So wanted us to use our minds, hearts and most importantly...Make a change. Or as I gleamed from my parents..."You must shine your light beyond your own backyard."

I am at peace knowing Miz Molly and Miz Richardson, have their boots on and having a grand old time, laughing and hoping ...We, Indeed know *WE ARE THE DECIDERS! To speak up and use our voices. Thanks, for mentiong Molly and Anne. It brought a smile to my face. ~maureen

david terry said...

Dear Ms. Browning, et al....I spent most of my early life being around and dealing with folks/politicians such as Rick Perry. If I had five minutes of that time-server's ear-time and a pair of earphones to slam&clamp onto his slope-headed self, I'd simply play this song for him (not that doing so would change a THING about the man or his ways). The song is by the very fine singer-songwriter, Carrie Newcomer (who could give Guvnah' Perry a good run for his money when it came to being a devout & actual Christian without being a pious and self-serving "Christian")...Here are the lyrics (followed by an amazon link) to this very fine song by Carrie:

"Playing With Matches"

Read the paper, it said that we've
Got one child in eight that goes hungry
That our people just aren't learning to read
Listen to the sound...

There's a call for help that's getting louder
A plea for justice when none is offered
If a rock gets thrown, the glass will shatter
Listen to the sound...

Playing with matches, playing with fire
Playing with the earth for our own desires
Listen to the sound.

Wrote a letter to the President
When he said "God's on Our Side,
Pray for peace but build this war
and victory will be mine"

I said "you're playing with matches, playing with fire
Playing with the earth for your own desires
God's not a gun that's up for hire
Listen to the sound...

...One more time we flirt with disaster
Threaten to scorch the earth forever after
We can't hear the sound of the devil's laughter
Listen for the sound....

'Cause the earth can get angry and it won't throw punches
If we throw her away like fast food lunches
And we'll stand like sheep in frightened bunches
Listen for the Sound...

Playing with matches, playing with fire
Playing with the earth for our own desires
God's not a gun that's up for hire
Listen to the sound.....

the song can be found at:



David Terry (who is quite aware that this is one really longass posting.....but I hope it serves of some use)

Ronnie said...

Wonderful post, Dominique...and here's Elisa's equally wonderful post: http://www.momscleanairforce.org/2011/07/25/returning-to-the-earth-my-catholic-roots/

Anonymous said...

There is no "God," and the rain will come as atmospheric conditions dictate. It is foolish, at best, to think otherwise.

david terry said...

Dear "anonymous"...

Its' just awful silly to say that "there is no 'God'".

If it wasnt' no God, then we wouldn't of got Jesus sent to us, right? And if it wasnt' for Jesus, then I wouldnt' of got to be what and where I am now, right?

Its' all Very SIMPLE.

Now, if youll' forgive me, I'm gone to go back to my online homework. I am taking a online degree to be a Preacher in the Pentecostal Church. From everything Ive' read on the subject, it seems like the only job you dont' got to know nothing to be one and still keep it, which is RIGHT up my line.

Wish me Luck,

David Terry

profA said...

Dominique, you give us lots to think about. Wish I did believe in a God who makes bargains with us. That would put us on a more equal footing! We would have a lot more control over her. "hey, I kept my part of the bargain, now you do what you promised. I cleaned up my act. What's this cancer then?" Oh, dear.
THese are things I think about ALOT. Why, for instance do the floods and pestilence happen most to the sweet people who can least afford to live on high ground? Are they not as good as I am? Well, there were the voles who ate my beets this summer. Hmmm. I had better do some soul searching.
I do agree, as you suggest, that She has given us the means to deal with many of our kettles of fish. However, sitting down face en face and agreeing on how an approach, is another matter. Why should people who have lived in poverty for generations wait any longer to have indoor plumbing just because we want them to go slow. It's a tough one, I think. Really.
However, I think with this post you have convinced me to sign on to M'sCAF! So there.
Linda B.

Deborah A said...

Dear Anonymous,
Its so simple to say that there is no God, or supreme being to pray to. When human beings are brought to their knees with catastrophe, when pain is just too hard to bear, its easy to lash out.
Even when the catastrophe is not yours personally, its easy to question.
I know I pray a lot at nite before I go to sleep. I pray to "Mary", I always have...I'm not sure why. I beg her to keep my son safe, and to protect my beautiful baby granddaughter. I beg her to help family members who are suffering. I pray for better economic times, so people can get employment, food and housing. I pray for good medical care for all people. I make bargains with her, I will bear this upset if you keep my love ones safe. I offer up all my "good" deeds in exchange for her divine intervention.
I know you are being analytical in your statement. Of course it is the atmospheric conditions that will bring the rain.
We humans want to have some control when things are out of our hands. So, maybe praying to a higher power gives us that.
Perhaps you have not witnessed a miracle yet,
Perhaps you have not been brought to your knees yet....it will come.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a huge change in your blog lately. You seem very angry at the world, so politically opinionated, and downright off the charts. I used to come for the prose, the photos, and the superb commentary about Slow Love Life. Now all I read is that mercury is going to kill us because the Chinese are building coal plants and we better use the right light bulbs and Rick Perry is going to hell because he prays for rain. Consider yourself permanently deleted from my favorites bar. I'm sure you are thinking good riddance, but I bet I'm not alone in wondering what's gotten to you to be bitter. Having a political point of view is totally your right but I don't see how those views fit in THIS blog. Start a third blog called I Hate All Republicans, and then spout off your rhetoric. But not here.

Deborah A said...

After reading the above post I vow to never ever speak of anything political on this sight again.

c said...

guess Anonymous will not read the following, but just in case ...

I bit arrogant of you to tell the BloggerInChief what she is or is not allowed to write about, don't you think?

I mean, this blog is not required reading, is it? and the fact that Ms Browning has different interests is what makes (for me) this blog so appealing. Not a one track mind, you know?

As for not writing anything political in this site, that's too bad. What affects our lives most is indeed political.

Back to the subject of this post - as a lapsed catholic, what turns me off more than anything is what I perceive as hypocrisy from most "religious" people, whether christian or non-christian. But most galling are the so-called religious right fans = the most unchristian of them all.

Most world religions preach love towards our fellow human beings while most followers are anything but.

By all means, pray. Just remember that "love your neighbor" is kind of important. It did make it into the top 10, and it does not specify that said neighbor must look, or speak, or think, just as you do.

Dominique said...

Right on, c!

c said...

back at ya D!

Dominique said...

Oh, I just caught up with Anonymous, who won't see this comment I suppose. I'm afraid I have to disagree...the balance of my posts isn't bitter--in fact, even the posts about coal and polluters aren't bitter, though they are sad, and angry. I can't help but agree with anonymous, though, that the things happening in the world are indeed so terrifying that if we really do let ourselves feel them, truly and deeply, it might make the joy and beauty shrink into the background. That's why I work so hard to bear our gorgeous world in my mind as I move through my days--and that's why I want to protect it. Interesting comment about Rick Perry. I wouldn't stand in judgement about where he is or isn't going. But he is standing in judgement about where he is sending his fellow Texans, and that crippling drought must feel hellish by now.
Thank you all.

Deborah A said...

The reason I vowed never to speak of political matters on this site is I really wasn't sure that Dominique wanted us to go down that path. I truly had seen very little of what anonymous was speaking from Dominique's posts. Really they were quite tame.
The political climate right now, this minute, is as hot as a frying pan...and only going to get worse by next week. We as a nation are in crisis. Out of respect for Dominique, and perhaps on some level Anonymous, I felt it might be better to soft petal very emotional political opinions at this time. Thats me, certainly not Dominique, she has every right to post anything she wants.
And yes, c, I know what a religious hypocrite is, I've met plenty. Thinking about it perhaps Anonymous was just frustrated because this site might have been her/his escape from all the reality that we deal everyday.

david terry said...

Dear "anonymous",

Given what you require of Ms.Browning's blog, you might do well to simply go on ebay and buy up all the back-issues of H&G. You'll find all of her columns in those.....columns which she was PAID to write and which presumably were (in terms of content and "tone") subject to the tastes of Conde Nast's overlords (I hope you don't need me to tell you that almost every boss in this world has, him/herself, a bigger boss).

I was always surprised, during Ms, Browning's days at H&G, by the degree to which her "editor's letter" managed to be so personal and uniquely voiced. It wasn't as though, like Martha Stewart, she owned "her" magazine. By comparison, Stewart was the one who sounded as though she were nothing beyond a corporate creature.

In any case, Ms. Browning hasn't monetized (I gather that's the current phrase, insofar as I have dealings with my own, former bosses) this site. Not in the least.

I remain surprised by and grateful for that generosity. You should, also.

In any case (and here's a piece of advice for YOU).....

If you write something like that, sign it with your actual name. Or send a nice, big check to Ms. Browning....?

As things stand, you sound as though you have about as much get to you as an old floor mop.

I've never published anything on the internet without using my actual name and giving an address at which I can be contacted. You should do the same, I think.

So?...just do it. Why not?

David Terry

Gin said...

I personally will take all the political posts over a post on $96.00 dollar ties, which although pretty, are offensive because of the cost.
Its like reading Simple magazine, every page is full of beautiful clothes, shoes,and merchandise. The average dress is $700.00 and up shoes...300.00 and up. Most people that can afford these are the very same people that are complaining that they have to pay taxes on their million dollar business, or homes. They are living ,like most people can only dream of, yet they want to cut "entitlement programs" that help the very poor, the elderly, the sick and our children. No, I'll take Dominique's post on clean air any-day.

Dominique said...

Hi Gin, and thanks for the support...Let me reply to you on the cost. I'm sorry it offended you. My position on these things is first, is it out of line with what similar things might cost in retail shops? Second, is paying the price for a quality item helping a craftsperson (like my friend the potter, Frances Palmer, whose work is handmade, and takes days to produce?

I put beautiful things out there because some readers will think nothing of spending that money on a tie--and others will be inspired by the design to find such things at thrift shops--and yet others will make their own!

I don't have a judgment about how people choose to spend what money they have, for the most part. But I fully appreciate that you do--and I suppose, thinking further, that yes, I do judge, there are times when costs are so egregious that it sickens me, and I wonder who could buy that? So we all have our ceilings.

Anyway, that's my thinking...I love design, love well made things, love feathering my nest, and friends' nests.

And I love that you will read about coal, and air pollution, and all the other things too.

Very many thanks for writing, and giving me a chance to explain. d

Dominique said...

Deborah A--Interesting. First, do speak your mind, if you want. Second, you are right. I soft pedal it. If I truly cracked open my brain here, or spilled my guts (to make a hash of metaphors)--I think I would simply be yelling and screaming. That's what I feel like doing, most days. What a mess we've made. Why isn't anyone listening?

But I find that yelling only relieves me a bit. Sort of like flipping the bird at those road-hogging SUVs driven by texting teens.

I'm trying to find a way to write about these subjects that is more explanatory, quieter, thoughtful, more humble (I certainly don't have all the answers, I do understand about developing countries scrambling for running water, electricity...)

In total, the posts are groping towards a way of engaging us with solutions...rather than terrorizing us. But really? I'm terrified. Read the science. We could be in for an apocalypse.

profA said...

Not to go on and on about "the post", but I have soooo appreciated the time and energy you have spent in recent months sharing your thoughts and your talent for writing with god knows who! You have presented a wealth of topics and responded with tact and gentility! (all tidily arranged on your blogsit, thank you)

What I like best is your on going search for Truth and Beauty, from Marrimekko to AArno to peonies in first flush, and the marigolds in India were a revelation. Your taste and talk of books is delightful and stimulating. Then there is this summer and a very morass-ish climate both physically and politically. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to navigate a push through the muck in search of a brighter horizon.

I went to see my cousin yesterday on her smallholding in Greenwich, NY. Talk about a beautiful life. She and her husband are artisans. They built their house by hand. The chickens run free. Such hilarity and much music making and laughter. A true and humble existence. Our planet is also in their capable hands.
Carry on D.
Peace. LInda B.

Anonymous said...

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