What a day. Long hours at the computer. Some of them tedious. Some inspired. Some quite agitated, due to reading too much news. Is there such a thing? Yes. I keep thinking, balance, balance. Blood pressure, blood pressure...And you know what? Just as I don't like to go to sleep on a fight--I try always to mend tears before bed--I don't like to end a series of blog posts on a fight, either. So I'm putting away thoughts of sexism, budgets, and political lunacy for the night--and I'm tucking my  copy away, too, deadlines met for the day. I'm going to go bay at the moon.

We had stormy weather for a few days, with the full moon trying to come out from behind low-hanging clouds, rendering  the landscape in a wash of sepia tones. I sat outside, swatting away bugs, and watched the drama roll across the sky as if I were watching an old, flickering screen. The moon had what some photographers refer to as God light, the kind that shoots rays down through clouds, piercing the sky. Whatever you want to call it, beneficent describes it.

Last night we had a big fat orange moon, a pumpkin of a moon. Tonight the sky is dull. But there's a delicious hint of fall in the air already--in the squash blossoms and the chill of the ocean water. I'm sure we're in for more heat--and I know those of you in the South and West are getting your fair share. But tonight it is cool and all is quiet here. Mercifully. 


Warren said...

I too am blessed with a moon sky. With no street lights yellow- tinting the night I see oodles of stars and yes, slowly appearing a wonderful moon.

Gratitude is a good thing. I seem to alternate between 'Lord, thank you for all that I have, all that I am, and all that I am becoming' with 'there but for the grace of God go I.

We are truly blessed to be living here. So we must rest and then fight again for all those who don't, and for all those who seem to think that God's blessings are given rather than earned.

profA said...

Thank you, Warren. You are a lucky man to be seeing all the oodles of stars. Too much ground light here. I see more in the winter when I collect the paper at 5:30 am and the leaves are off the trees.
Just can't agree with you about earning God's blessing. Maybe that's not what you mean...or you do. A blessing, to my understanding, is not earned but freely given. That we are unworthy to receive them, de temps en temps, is exactly the miracle of being in relationship (dare I say it) to a loving God. That we might emulate such a God in our lives and in every encounter with her universe,...ahh.

Sandy Donn said...

I too have been listening to too much news while painting. . .NPR of all things, and it's exhausting. Exhausting. I am now able to admit that it has beaten me down and I'm going to have to take measures to save my own sanity! I'm shocked, dazed and confused at what passes for truth and news anymore! Onward. . .