EPA Ruling Gets A Huge Response: Thank you! What's Next?

In the last few months, Americans submitted more than 800,000 comments in support of a new Environmental Protection Agency ruling, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards--the first-ever national policy to curb dangerous mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants.

This is an unprecedented outpouring of support for cleaner air.

I want to thank everyone who joined MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE--you helped send a strong message to Washington.

Clearly, Americans want cleaner air. Parents are especially passionate about fighting air pollution--it hurts fetuses, babies and toddlers the most. Every pregnant--or about to be--woman you know should read about mercury poisoning. Get angry--and get active. How dare polluters poison our babies?

Many responsible coal plant executives have already installed filters on their plants--it hasn’t hurt their profits or cost them jobs.

But many polluters, and their lobbyists and political allies, are fighting these improvements. They are calling for repealing the Clean Air Act and gutting the EPA’s budget so that it cannot enforce any regulations.

Now what? Our work at
MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE is far from done. With the comment period closed, EPA considers the feedback, and responds to issues raised, often in the final version of the rule. The agency is required by the Courts to release the final rule by November 16, 2011. No one has to vote on the rule. Once it is published in the Federal Register, the clock starts ticking--emitters have three years from the date of publication to reduce their pollution.

Polluters will now be working overtime to figure out ways around the new ruling. They will lobby Congress to intervene to delay or alter it. Congress can pass laws that unravel air protection--laws that defund EPA, strike its right to set standards for these--or any other--pollutants, or bar EPA from spending money to implement rules; they could pass laws to weaken the emission standards, or extend polluters’ deadlines.

Ask everyone you know to
JOIN MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE. Forward this post along via email. Naptime Activism! We make it easy to keep up the pressure on political representatives to support clean air--and we'll continue to explain why, exactly, it is so important to clean up the air.

We have to protect our children’s health; no one else cares as much as we do. And thank you, again, with all my heart, for joining me in this mission.


Color + Light said...

i'm having a surreal moment - i work for a company listed by the epa as a go to new technology in this ruling. i'm listening in on a conference call related to emissions and this ruling but reading your blog entry......

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Polluters need only vote for Ms. Bachmann. After all, she wants to "lock the doors and turn out the lights" on the EPA. Scheesh.

Joeth Barlas said...


Thanks for the straightforward and heartfelt post. It's what our country needs -- for the millions of mainstream voters to have their voices heard about the issues that are basic to their ives. No need to call names or pit one group against another -- we all need to pull together to create the world we want to live in. It's that important.

Nit: please fix typo -- pregnant or about to *be* (not "me")

Ronnie said...

Naptime Activism…Love it. Last week at the BlogHer Conference, I met so many moms who were unaware of the urgency of the fight for clean air for their kids. Many shared their personal stories of how their babies and children suffered from asthma, autism and learning disabilities. Many of these moms did not know about the connection of mercury and respiratory illnesses. They did not know pollution could cause heart attacks. They did not know two-thirds of Latino families reside in areas that do not meet the federal government’s air quality standards. They did not know there is a pro-pollution lobby that couldn't care less about our children. The frightening statistics to support these issues are facts, but the last one scares me the most. Can you imagine being part of a pro-pollution lobby! It is unconscionable to me…but money speaks louder than our children’s breath, and we need to keep up the fight for their right to breathe clean air. I shutter to think of the alternative.

Thank you, Dominique for spearheading this campaign. We've come so far because of your vision for rallying the troups. But, you are so right that we can't let up...not for a minute. We all need clean air to breathe.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

I am beyond thrilled. I want to echo (((Ronnie))).
" Thank you, for spearheading this campaign. "
I can't help to think of a woman I greatly admired
and miss. The late Molly Ivins, in her second to last
story she wrote stated, "WE ARE THE DECIDERS!"
Indeed, Molly you are right. Dominique, you brought us together and as you have stated..."Our work is not finished." I dare say it is a great start. I look forward to the online discussion. As a mother who's son had asthma for 5 years of his life. I have had it for the last 13 years...Foreunately, my son did out grow it. Unlike Latino children it appears to stay with them.
It can't be said enough..."Everyone deserves clean air!"

If one has not read: "Cradle To Cradle." I strongly, would suggest this great book. About what WE our doing to ourselves without even meaning to.
We must learn to rethink the things we do, the products we buy and as Dominque so wisely stated, "get angry..I am!"

Manolo blahnik said...

Fantastic Read! Looking forward to more! Bookmarked the site and will be back again!

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