Excuse me? The Newsweek cover of Michelle Bachmann is sexist because she looks unattractive? Intense? I thought it was sexist when only gorgeous hotties hit the covers of magazine. You think Newsweek's Tina Brown wouldn't put an edgy, unattractive picture of a man on the cover? Just wait till that publicity-loving editor musses up Mitt Romney's hair!

Regardless of what The National Association of Women declares, I don't see anything sexist about the Bachman cover. Pointed, yes. But then again, Bachmann is running a campaign of breathtaking anger about everything from agencies that protect our health ("Let's repeal the Clean Air Act") to theatrical entertainment (The Lion King as gay propaganda). Bachmann reserves special ire for homosexuality; about Melissa Etheridge, who suffered from breast cancer, Bachmann said, "This may be an opportunity for her now to be open to some spiritual things, now that she is suffering with that physical disease. She is a lesbian."

I'd say these sorts of comments stem from rage. Bachmann's certainly expressing rage that many people feel, sadly. Rage and confusion. And she's making those of us who don't agree with her feel pretty enraged, too, because her comments are...outrageous. Certainly not presidential in polish--or Christian in compassion.

But I do wish pundits would stop hurling "sexism" labels around. Let's save them for truly sexist moments: Only one woman on the debt ceiling "super committee", for instance, or the gender gap in earnings, in which a woman only earns 77 cents to every dollar a man earns. 


NancyO. said...

Thank you. That's all, just thank you.

Judith Ross said...

Interesting to see these posts. I just finished watching the HBO documentary about Gloria Steinem.

I agree about the President's comments. They made me uncomfortable. The 90%/10% analogy especially and not just because it was sexist, but also because its no joke that he has been doing just that for Republicans.

Doug Hein said...

Another good post. Keep writing about politics! I had not heard Bachmann's comment about Melissa Etheridge. As a gay man, this is a new low. It seems like the definition of a successful campaign stop for Bachmann and Perry is whether they avoid saying anything patently crazy in public that day.

Thomas said...

Just because it is unflattering doesn't make it illegal, immoral, sexist or anything besides unflattering- Now, my personal view is that this is a woman who has to ride herd on a bunch of orphans, worry about hair and make up and keep one foot against that husbands closet door so she is entitled to look a little screwy once in a while

profA said...

Can't get excited about this.