You just have to love it when someone else does your homework for you--with a blog post that captures so much of what you want to say. Stacey, over at Quintessence, has done just that with this post about her visit, with our beloved friend and doctor, Pat Allen, to my house in Rhode Island. Pat is a founder--and blogger--of Women's Voices for Change. (As you can see from the photo, Pat takes sun protection to a seriously elegant extreme. Not a ray will reach that porcelain skin. I also donned my largest hat, just to try to keep up--as readers of Slow Love will know that I pay careful attention to Pat's instructions. But I don't usually wear my large hat around people; the one time I hid under its generous brim, the tall fellow I was with said he felt he was talking down to a mushroom. Needless to say, Pat turned heads.)

In honor of a piece I wrote about coastal Rhode Island in the August issue of Travel and Leisure, Stacey also does a great job of visiting some of my favorite places in my tiny corner. She and Pat are pro-class shoppers--each made a beeline to exactly the right item, while I did my usual mental palavering about whether I liked this thing or that thing better....as the hours drifted by--and they racked up some great finds and I left empty-handed. They arrived just in time for the local Church fair, and made off with some gorgeous antique dinner plates, for five or six dollars. Thank you, so very much, Stacey, for a beautiful post. I love it! 


quintessence said...

My pleasure!!! LOVE the fabulous shot of Pat and you looked GREAT in your hat too! What a wonderful weekend - thank you for everything!!

Judith Ross said...

Congratulations to Stacey -- a fabulous post and I am now a new subscriber (perhaps I should have written this on her blog!)

As for the hats. Yes! I just purchased a new, wide brimmed beauty for myself. Perfect for keeping off the sun but also great for keeping those pesky bugs off my head when I walk our pup in the local woods.

And, I know I got it exactly right when my son commented "nice hat" with only a touch of sarcasm behind a mischievous smile.

profA said...

Ah, gadding about with gals. Such a fun time. Always did wonder what became of your weekend. Loved the pile of reading, the stair way, and your incomparable view of the water.
I grew up going to the beach in Padanarum. We came down from New Bedford. My grammy and her people are all buried there. So my memories are of high and low tides, jumping off the pier, climbing on the rocks, deviled eggs and cucumber sandwiches, and maybe a post beach trip for ice cream to Gulf Hill dairy at milking time on the sleepy way home.
Will definitely add Behind the Q and Dr. Pat's blog to my list.
Thanks once more.
Linda B.

Anonymous said...

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Summerwind said...

Where, oh where! can I get a mushroom hat of my very own? (I'm serious--they are GREAT!)