What a fabulous interview with blogger Dina Gachman, a new voice to me. She writes at Bureaucracy for Breakfast: The Continuing Saga of One Girl's Plight with Unemployment. We were on a radio show together, a Marketplace segment on NPR. Because Dina is so smart about publicity, she reached out after the show. I'm pretty terrible at publicity--I get a burst of energy for FB or Twitter, once every few weeks, but then I wilt, and retreat, because tending the PR fires could and should easily eat up half the day. I don't like cocktail parties that much either.

But I love knowing other people's news, and finding new writers. Dina is funny, funny, funny, and sweet and sour, too. The art direction at her blog is clever, too. Very 21st century kitsch. (Could the photo above have been the art for my post about working for a living--or not? You bet!) Go visit, enjoy yourselves! I agree with Dina, about writing: it is work more than inspiration. People always say, I want to be a writer, what should I do? My response: write. The "being" isn't much use. The writing is what counts. All you readers who love writing, or are yourselves writers, check out SelfScribes, which did the interview. Great site as well, full of inspiring stories and good reads.

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