Wonders never cease. The latest is an $85 tee shirt from Starbucks, complete with artful coffee stain. Never mind that your stain will look like everyone else's stain, defying the truly delightful nature of staining, in which no stain is created equal. Sort of like snowflakes.

This reminds me of an afternoon at least ten years ago when I was at the Gap on an emergency run for blue jeans (an unexpected garden trip in the works and I could not appear in my work suit.) I pulled a selection of jeans off the shelves. To my surprise, one pair was ripped and shredded and dirty. Thinking some shoplifter had traded in her old pair for a fresh one, I went back to the shelf, only to discover they were all that way. So then I went to the sales person, to alert her that they had gotten a shipment of defective clothing.

She looked at me as though I were from another planet. "They're that way on purpose. They come in ripped and stained. It's a new style."

Oh. So now, how about grass stains, and chocolate stains? How about onesies for our newborn babes, complete with...? Give me a break. Please. How about all of you tempted by those coffee stained tees, give your money to someone who cannot afford a cup of coffee. Somehow, this isn't clever merchandising. (Model could not look glummer, either. Perhaps she agrees.)

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