A lovely review of Slow Love from Smitten, the Sex Love Life blog from Glamour magazine! It's made my weekend. The excellent editor-in-chief of the magazine, Cindi Lieve, is in my leadership circle over at Moms Clean Air Force, too. Many thanks--it is great to know that it is glamourous to be active and engaged in all areas of life.

And Roger Fransecky, visionary behind The Apogee Group--"a global leadership firm dedicated to remarkable leading and living"--has posted an excellent new essay about looking for political leadership, in which he quoted from Slow Love Life. His essay is especially forceful in light of the childishly appalling political tantrums this week in Washington around Obama's jobs speech. I found it disrespectful that the president's team wanted TV time right on top of the Republican debates, already scheduled. Grow up, everyone. Help Wanted--Leadership, indeed.


david terry said...

Dear Ms. Browning,

You're right. That's a lovely review, and I think it does go straight to the heart of your book's popularity, even among those who hadn't read your previous work.

Given your own comments ( "--it is great to know that it is glamorous to be active and engaged in all areas of life." emphasis mine) in this posting?....this might be the right time (not that I'm blessed with a superfluity of time today, while closing down this joint for two weeks) to say that I've been surprisedly disheartened to read many of the comments that have criticized you for simply expressing, on YOUR OWN blog, what you think/feel in regard to "the Political".

I read each of those comments and immediately recalled the hate-mail sent to Edna St. Vincent Millay when she dared, for just two days in the late 20's, to stop being Little Miss Romantic & Popular "Candle Burns at Both Ends" and actually went out on the streets of Boston to protest the Sacco-Vanzetti convictions.

Similarly, Natalie Maines (of "The Dixie chicks") was told by many folks to "Just Shut UP and sing...."

That happened the moment she simply said what she thought/believed....and that was immediately followed (for a long time) by some really horrible, supposed "punishments". Barbra Streisand and other females whose names are well-known have been similarly castigated and scolded the moment they publicly spoke their minds. I haven't seen the same happening, on any similar scale, to a Matt Damon or George Clooney...none of this business of "Just shut UP-already and sing the songs we already like, b**tch". (some readily-identifiable folks might as well say the word, since they obviously already are thinking of it).

At this stage of the game, I find it very disheartening to read comments by folks who tell you "start a 'different' blog to cover the 'political' stuff.".

Well, enough of this. Suffice it to say that I (and, obviously, many others) appreciate the opportunity to know more of the "Dominique Browning" than was allowed to appear in the pages of H&G.

thanks again for your very fine blog/journal. I have no idea why some folks rather obviously don't recognize that your doing the dang thing is , actually, brave in more than a few ways.


david terry

Judith Ross said...

Congratulations on the lovely review!

Interesting observation re: who gets told to just "shut up" and who doesn't. I didn't know that about Edna St. Vincent Millay. Bravo!

Speaking of Millay, there is a wonderful book of her poems illustrated with photos taken by Concord's own Ivan Massar, who I happen to know personally.

It does take bravery to speak up and stand behind what one believes. If readers disagree, then let's have a discussion, not shut down the blog or start another one!

Have a great time in France, David. Drink wine, eat bread, and play ping pong (as we did in a park near our hotel this summer.)

Anonymous said...

Disrepectful that the presidents team wanted equal time???? You are so far out of your league, get real Dominique, don't you realize how high the stakes are???
Unfortunately, the Presidents team cannot afford to sit around and play nice guy right now. This is the real world, where politics have been ugly for years! This kind of behavior isn't something new...don't you remember when Gore had the election stolen from him form dirty politics in Florida?
No I'm afaid the stakes are just too high for the American people, for President Obama to let his guard down at this time.

Judith Ross said...

Dear "Anonymous,"

Your comment, "You are so far out of your league, get real....." is quite disrespectful.

Couldn't you have voiced your disagreement without personally attacking Dominique?

That sentence only detracts from the rest of your comment, which make for an interesting discussion.

I'm not sure how I feel about the President's team sparking this spat about timing. Was it intentional? If so, is this the fight they want to pick when there are much more important battles ahead?

I agree that the stakes are very high and I well remember how Bush stole the election.

But let's set a better tone here. Let's disagree on the issues without insulting the person.

Anonymous said...

Yup, your right, a knee jerk reaction to a very touchy subject right now.
As far as picking the right battles, its gotten to point where ALL the battles are important right now. The Democratic party cannot let its guard down in any matter.
Thanks for the comeuppance, but politics are not for "slow life" "be nice thinking"...the stakes are just too high.

Mahitable said...

dear Dominique -
First- Congrats on the great review. Well deserved!

Several weeks back when I read your gentle "forays " into the political world here on this blog- half questioning yourself : should I really be speaking about political matters at all?
( and I will paraphrase here):
You decided that all of it- ALL OF IT_ was the person that you are- You love beauty, life, your children,friends, house, - ALL of that- but also PART of you- was that you actually HAVE a POLITICAL OPINION. You revolve within a society in which things happen that you have an opinion about- like each of us !
In short you summarized- ALL of that- IS ALL of YOU.

I agreed 1000% ! and I cannot tell you how much courage you gave me with that. - how many times over the last few weeks it has given me the courage to say the same to myself- and then say- YES! It is OK- that I am a designer, I spend my day creating beautiful things - but I still exist on this Earth -in a society - and I do have an opinion- and I care to express it- because I can be as impassioned about the environment as I can be about placing an embroidery "just so" on a dress!

So be the venue- I say :"express away"! with the same personality and voracity that you love and express opinions about every other aspect of your life! Whatever your opinion is. Whether I agree with you -or not. It's your opinion- clearly thought out- and expressed. We are here to read and enjoy your blog. We take what we want- and leave the rest. Amen,Dominique. Keep on expressing

You've proven a gorgeous point- that EACH OF US- IS ALL OF THESE THINGS!

Anonymous said...

I am appalled by your statement that Mr. Obama was disrespectful to schedule an address that conflicted with the republican candidates debate.

The next election will offer a choice between a highly intelligent man who has remained noble in the face of endless attacks by those who are willing to sacrifice the country in order to limit his Presidency, and those who will do real harm if given the chance.

I am beginning to think that you are on the side of those who will do harm. But then, maybe you were happy with Bush.

Judith Ross said...

But I see that the Democrats are letting their guard down in so many ways, which is why I find it curious that they picked this particular fight -- if, indeed, that is what they did.

I look forward to Obama's speech on jobs. I hope his plan goes for what the country needs and not just what he thinks we can get. And then I hope he and the other Democrats hold their ground.

It's time he and his team stop giving in to the hostage takers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Judith, but do keep in mind that "american people" are indeed the hostages here. They really didn't let their guard down...the country was headed for disaster..they are walking on the edge of a highly honed knife.
I can tell you with upmost certainty, if Moms Clean Airforce is expecting any help at all from the Republicans, it won't be happening. With the Democrats they at least have a fighting chance. So finding fault with Obama because he has to have priorties right now is fruitless and destructive for Moms Clean Airforce

Anonymous said...

Anyone that is commenting on this blog should not be finding fault with people that are commenting.
As far as setting the tone....who started it? Dominique did, with the first punch.
Dominique can write about and express her opinions on anything she desires. If its political she can also expect to hear back in the same tone she sets. It is part of expressing ones opinion in a public forum. For example, if one writes an editorial to a newspaper expressing an opinion on any matter, they can expect to have five letters to the editor, expressing an opposite opinion, it goes with the territory. One cannot be thinned skinned and walk in the world of politics. So Dominique had better be fully prepared to hear other opinions, generally in the same way she is expressing them.
Also, politics are fact of life, they are in everything from small towns to small offices. Bargains and trade offs are made to make the overall outcome come about. They are not going away, they cannot be simplified or made nice. "growing up" is not part of the picture. All very cynical, but very naive to think otherwise.

Thea said...

imagine if we believed we were all one great party...sigh

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, in the last blog Dominique took offense to the tee shirt demeaning girls, in this blog she has her book reviewed by and I quote "Sex love life blog". Where does Sex come in????
This is a magazine that is mostly read by a young girl readership. Why do they have to have sex in everything??? Even the name of the blog has to be sensational. Why?
I will say the essay by Apogee was refreshing and educational. The 3 suggestions are very good with great rewards.

david terry said...

P.S. I forgot to add, somewhat in contrast to the "examples" I cited in my initial post, that my own, very funny father (profoundly politically-conservative, but scarcely ever predictable) called me a couple of years ago after taking my poor mother to see whatever movie Jane Fonda had most recently flounced her way through. The movie was either the one she made with Lindsay Lohan or the one she made with Jennifer Lopez (personally, I don't think it's MY fault that I can't distinguish between the two movies). In any case...I asked my father what he'd thought of it, and he said "You know...I wish that woman would quit acting and just go back to posing on tanks and making political speeches. She was a lot more interesting at that sort of work....".

So, there's at least one unexpected endorsement of "Liberal" women-striking-public-stances. I have no idea whether "Entertainment Weekly" or the NYTimes ever picked up on it.

Warily as ever,

david terry

Barbara FArnsworth said...

Leaving politics aside, I would simply like to mention that Mr.Boehner, as Speaker, is outweighed by Mr. Obama, the President, who takes precedence. Mr. Boehner's asking for a different date was exceedingly rude. It has been pointed out that the conflict with a Republican debate is scarcely a major problem, since it is early in the campaign and there are many more debates to follow, whereas the President's talk is urgent and about a serious issue. Personally, I am very sorry that Mr. Obama rescheduled his speech. I would gave left it on the original date and slammed Mr. Boehner for his Congressional lack of manners.

Anonymous said...

Dominique was right—why choose a day and time already taken by a debate that is going to be nationally televised—you don’t have to be a Democrat or a Republican to hold that opinion—you just need to have manners. (Most of us did learn to take turns in kindergarten!) His team needs to pick their “fights”. This is one that didn’t have to be fought. This was pure political gamesmanship that backfired and created an unnecessary distraction. Our ire should be directed to his advisors who served him badly on this one.
We do need the vigorous exchange/debate of ideas, but trying to drown out one side or the other with petty politics or name-calling serves neither side—Republican or Democrat.
The stakes are indeed high, but interestingly enough, both sides feel that way. It is amazing that this is indeed the common ground. It would be refreshing, if all of us, regardless of political party, were willing to listen to the debates on Wednesday and President Obama on Thursday. As Lyndon Johnson once said (regarding the Soviet Union, but sadly, we can say the same today of the relationship between Democrats and Republicans), “if we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other.”
So, thank you Dominique, your blog is thought provoking and challenging—keep it coming!!

William said...

Can we all just WAKE UP and accept that after today's jobs report number combined with Obama's scrapping of the Clean Air Regs - that Obama is TOAST. He has lost his base and the 'Indepdents' The lead Republicans are CrAzY with their social agenda. It's time to leave party politics behind and get on with solving the problems. MIKE BLOOMBERG 2012. If not now, when?

Anonymous said...

First up here, the basic philosophies held by Democrats and Republicans are miles apart.
Secondly, in the past when the economy was great, jobs were many, and people were not stuck in untenable situations, it was pretty darn easy to ignore and except what ever party was in the White House.
That is not the case right now, we have extremist and dangerous individuals vying for a run to be president.
Quite frankly I don't know how anyone can be worrying about this nonsense about a scheduled debate and manners. President Obama and his staff know what they are doing,
don't lose faith in that. If you do, you may as well give the election away. Don't start chipping away at the only thing that could save us from the crazy extremists. This is exactly what they are depending on. Divide and conquer!

Violet Cadburry said...

Obama is a very intelligent man. He picked the date on purpose. He created the issue on purpose. He had the power to make the issue. He relented on purpose. In exchange, he exacted a promise from Boner (pas de sic) that will serve him in the future. Politics 101. Intelligent discussion of political issues is needed, right now, in this country and I thank Dominique for taking the BS by the horns, so to speak, and stating her opinions and soliciting ours. That said, I must recount an experience similar to DT's. I too saw the latest movie with Jane Fonda and what's her name, and I though Jane still acted just as well as ever, playing herself. Many well known actresses have long fulfilling careers playing themselves. My favorite Jane Fonda movie was the one with the utterly handsome Robert Redford, "Barefoot in the Park" a witty play by a well-known playwright, whom I haven't met. I know his name, it is rolling on the tip of my tongue, swimming to the fore between gulps of my cosmo. My grandmother knew him well, or so she said, she said a lot of stuff. His name, it wasn't Miller, that depressing person, it wasn't Shaw, equally depressing, it was, it was, I can see his beady eyes shining through those glasses, tattered hairs springing out of his nose, it was...it was...YES YES YES... noooooooooooo! His identity has rolled back again with another drop of the grain. I think he is dead though. For some reason, contemplation of death has awakened my memory, is it Neal Simon? I hope that is right. Thanks Granny.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that I grew up in a household with parents that were willing to cross the aisle and vote for the candidate they thought best. Let’s be careful that we are not as intolerant as those we are calling extreme and intolerant.
“What is objectionable, what is dangerous, about extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents”
Robert Kennedy

mary said...

I'm with David Terry. Everyone one of us needs to present our real selves--not that easy. Go for Dominique! Mary

Deborah A said...

I do think that Dominique and everyone else for that matter has to accept in this current state of our econmony that cuts are going to be made in the EPA. Her passion is not an exception.
Anyone who watched President Obamas speech a while back heard him say that EVERYONE will have to make sacrifices. From the guy working at the local CVS making $35,000 a year supporting a family of 5 to large governmental departments and yes, to agencies, such as health care, food stamps, education,and meals on wheels.
Further cuts, will cause a trickle down effect that will effect everyone one way or another.
Let us not forget that the president inherited a 2 trillion dollar debt. And yes, he did go deeper trying to stimulate the economy. Its always easy to look back and say he should have done this or that, "monday morning quarterbacking".
Contrary to Williams statement that "Obama is toast" he is very much alive and will be winning the 2012 election.

Deborah A said...

Also, rereading some of the comments, Violet Cadberry is absolutley right on...the only one so far that truly has a good handle on what politics are all about. Anyone who is relatively new to politics should her commnet again.

Anonymous said...

"He picked the date on purpose. He created the issue on purpose. He had the power to make the issue. He relented on purpose. In exchange, he exacted a promise..."

This makes sense. But when the fallout [from a bold stroke such as this] manifests not only in screaming headlines and searing editorials, but in our own host's saying "grow up, leadership needed," then the president's risk netted more loss than profit. I'm afraid he [+ an unsympathetic press] created a runway for an opportunistic opposition to come roaring in, that is IF there's an opportunistic candidate quick enough to grab the timing, it's getting late. He still has my vote, but he's got to use his verbal arts more and the intuitive intelligence less, we aren't an intuitive culture, we're a headlines culture, work it.


Anonymous said...

I used to vote for the candidate I considered was the best qualified, regardless of party affiliation. Now, before casting our votes, we have to decide if voting for the best qualified candidate will result in giving the party of destructive crazies (whomever you believe them to be) the majority with more senior crazies over ruling any good the best qualified incumbent will NEVER get the opportunity to do. In short, look at the big picture when casting your vote. Be very careful, do your research. Every election becomes ever more important to the future, the very survival of our quality of life and the survival/vitality of our country. Now, we must be aware that we ARE voting for a particular party when we vote for candidates. Sheryl

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say, Thank you, Dominique! Sheryl

Deborah A said...

Oh yes, Sheryl you really hit the nail on the head, thats why when people say "I'm not a republican or democrat, I'm an independent, I have to chuckle. Sooner or later you have to pick a candidate. When you do, you vote that party, and its either going to be democrat or republican, unless you want to throw your vote away on something like the "green party". Not that I have anything against the green party, I just want my vote mean something. I want to think I have had a say in who, (what philosophy) is ultimately going to be running our government.
I think it is of the utmost importance at this time and in the future to understand the basic philosophies of each party.
Also its very important for people to realize that the "Tea party's" mantra is no more taxes, the truth is in actuality, the Tea Party is being almost totally funded by the big oil and gas companies, (who are making trillions), so they can avoid paying their fair share of taxes.
In essence, they are using the Tea Party candidates for their gain. I personally don't want taxes either, but I'm smart enough to know you can't run a country without them.
So, Sheryl is right, make sure that the candidate your voting for and his party is going to give you what you want for your family, town, state and country.
Right now people are feeling the effects of cuts being made, what if it gets worse?

Doug Hein said...

This thread is probably well over. I'm late catching up. Again, I have to say I'm perplexed by the mean tone of some posts. I don't agree with Dominique's comment about the timing of Obama's speech, but I don't know who's right or wrong about it and respect her opinion. One NY Times article said the President's speech would have been broadcast before the Republican debate, and that the candidates welcomed the opportunity to respond to Obama's speech during the debate. I don't find the idea that Obama planned this to be credible. People ended up focusing on Boehner's unprecedented rudeness and Obama's capitulation more than the scheduling conflict itself. Obama has probably suffered the most (he's perceived as weak and ineffective) and Boehner not at all (he's perceived as a strong leader). Many people who supported Obama (including myself) no longer have faith in his ability to stand up to the crazies and bullies or to stand for the issues he said he supported (like protecting the environment). I'm happy to vote for someone who will.

Dominique said...

Thanks, Doug Hein, I'm even later catching up on the end of this....and I completely agree with your analysis. In fact, pundits now refer to President Boehner.

We'll see how events play out.

The rude tone is being set by one very troubled and troublesome person. I'm not sure what I can do about it.

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