Such an odd sight, snow blanketing trees still leafed out, not yet even in their autumnal coppers. Worrisome predictions of power outages as wet, heavy snow weighs down branches hanging over power lines. There's nothing to do but ride it out, hopefully well-provisioned. My cell phone was never turned in--no  thanks to US Airways. I know exactly where I left it, on the seat in Charlotte. I hope someone is enjoying their new iPhone. But I've been enjoying the unexpected quiet, and it is too nasty to go out for a replacement now. It is a perfect day for staying inside, here in the Northeast, with piles of books, pots of tea, and stacks of blankets. I'm reading garden books for the next New York Times holiday round-up, but will take a break by dipping into Winnie the Pooh, just for warmth, humor, and fond affection. The gift of an entire slow love day...

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