Well, it wouldn't be the weekend without an appeal from your Friendly Air Pollution Patrol, now would it? It's time to TAKE ACTION on a critical new air pollution rule--and we need your help!

The Good Neighbor Rule is an important regulation designed to help states suffering from air pollution coming out of their neighbors' coal plants. There's an effort up before the Senate to kill that bill, next week, and to make it impossible for the EPA to ever create another like it.

We have good company in supporting the Cross State pollution rule; not only has Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee said this rule is "reasonable" and he supports it, but a group of high powered utility executives have also come out in support of Cross State. However, we cannot take for granted that the Good Neighbor rule will pass; the votes still look too close for comfort.

Your voice really counts, and we've made it easy. Click to send a letter to your Senators telling them to do the right thing. Please support the Cross State rule.


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