I'm pretty disgusted by the Republican lineup. I want to feel leadership from one of the potential candidates. I want a better choice, next election, than default.

Romney, so far, is the best we have. But why the pseudo-anti science position? Why the pandering to extremes, and extremely dangerous, denialism? Why the anti-innovation stance on clean new efficient energy sources? Why is he acting dumb? He's not fooling anyone--and that attitude of denial (what? climate change? says who?) doesn't inspire confidence, either.

The extremism of the few pushes away those multitudes in the middle.

Then Cain.

As a woman who has had to deal with her unfair share of work-related sexual harassment, I'm here to tell you that there is no way in hell Cain is entirely innocent of charges that were serious enough that his accusers' silence had to be bought--to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

It is disgusting.

And utterly disqualifies him. I could never take 9-9-9 seriously anyway.

And then Rick Perry.

We all have brain freezes.

That's one good reason most of us don't think we should be President. A brain freeze could be a dangerous thing.

Such as, a brain freeze about a big subject like abolishing government agencies.

Here's the thing about the glib Rick Perry brain. He's not holding forth with deeply considered, well-grounded policies. He's not thinking through the implications of what he is proposing--except for his oil donors. His mouth is running on, except when it isn't--and wherever his mouth is, his brain is far behind. Except, of course, the part of his brain that wants fame and fortune.

Odd, about the brain and the mouth connection. We've also got Michelle Bachmann, simply making stuff up.

Abolish the Department of Education? Abolish the EPA, brought to us by Richard Nixon?

Are we seriously considering voting for a president who would turn back the clock on pollution? Undo years of good outcomes?

To say nothing of putting tens of thousands of people out of work at one fell swoop.

I'm all for cutting wasteful bureaucracy. I'm all for smaller government. I'm all for cutting subsidies to industries that don't need my tax dollars to fatten their coffers.

But I'm all for doing this surgically, smartly, not with a blunt ax.

We need someone who will lead us to a new economy. We need someone who will lead us to a new way of thinking about energy.

We don't need a butcher.

You'd think a man running for president would sling around a little less horseshit...And know enough not to step in it, too.

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