Talk About Going Where the Love Is!

I'm a proud mama. Like most mamas.

My son Alex is a serious bike rider; it gives him great pleasure to soar through the streets wherever he is living--now in San Francisco. I asked him to write a piece about bike riding and air pollution, and he did, giving me a gentle chide at Moms Clean Air Force. His message: Mom, ride a bike! (I'm too afraid to ride one in Manhattan.)

Then along came an email from my friend and colleague over at EcoNesting, Ronnie Citron-Fink, with this "Lifecycle" video, so moving. Spread the word! My sons, both of them, certainly know how to go where the love is, and are doing so everyday in their lives. I think, as a parent, that I was able to support them in that. And now, I find I can learn so much--about being unafraid, and being free-- from my children.

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