Thank you, all of you, for being so patient and understanding with the slowdown here at Slow Love Life, as I work my way through ferocious grief.

I've learned some things I want to share, for anyone who has friends in mourning: be steadfast, be present, be supportive, be kind. That's all.

No one can make the pain go away. Nothing can be said to make it lighter. All anyone can do is to be a gentle, loving, constant companion. Grief plunges the heart into loneliness. Presence helps. Friends don't have to be in the same room--because sometimes human company feels intolerable--but it is possible to be present by phoning, writing, posting, simply reaching out.

All of that compassion twinkles around, like stardust, motes in the gray dust of grief, catching the light of hope. Thanks. Pass it along.

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