I know, I know, we're drowning in the surge of stuff coming at us via Internet. And I use the term "stuff" advisedly.

As at any crowded souk, online offerings are, well, all over the place. That is why an editorial eye matters so much. I don't care how many eyeballs a site "aggregates" if it isn't delivering consistent goods; I want quality and precision in what I'm reading. I prefer boutique over mall. Our time is too valuable.

This morning, because I've had the pleasure of browsing through three favorite sites, I share them with you. They help cut through the clutter to find the treasure. Whenever a post arrives from each of these sites I feel I have been given a gift. Splendid.

First up is the inestimable Jesse Kornbluth's Head Butler. Jesse is funny, funny, funny and smart, smart, smart. (Sometimes I feel like writing like a gossip columnist, you know?) And acerbic. And charming. He is exactly the kind of friend you want to call when you need a good book or a movie recommendation. And you don't even have to talk to him! You can subscribe to Head Butler for the latest greatest. This morning's offering was superb: everything from a fantastic site for knitting (the owner's motto: "I knit, therefore I am") to a new Bruce Springsteen anthem to a meditation on the greatness of The Phantom Tollbooth.

Every Sunday I get a gift from Brain Pickings, produced by Maria Popova. I cannot tell you the amount of money this woman has cost me; I read her reviews of the best science books, or the best design books, and I'm ordering maniacally. (My motto could be: "I read, therefore I am.) And I've never been disappointed. Maria is also super smart, she has a discerning eye, recognizes great design and shuns the banal, and she is deeply knowledgeable; her sensibilities are well-grounded historically.

My friend Susan White, who runs White and Warren--my go-to place for the kinds of sweaters and shawls that I live in...don't even get me started on my love for the grey hoodie she sent this season...I'm practically sleeping in it. Okay. I am sleeping in it, I have a cold. You know how sometimes you look at a piece of clothing and you just know, it is going to be very close to you?--anyhow, Susan turned me on to her friend Seth Godin's blog. So every morning, I get a provocative little gem of wisdom from this marketing guru--you can definitely read him literally, as someone who sets people straight in doing business--but I read him metaphorically, as so much of his advice is applicable to the way we go about the business of life....relating to one another, communicating, or miscommunicating, building trust, developing relationships--all of it.


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