As spring is early, so is spring cleaning--and so is spring rebooting for the booty. Two of my food gurus, Mark Bittman and Marion Nestle, make an appearance this morning in The New York Times. Nestle wrote the food Bible, in my library: What To Eat.

Bittman, whose recent column on chickens has already changed the way I shop, writes about Nestle's new book, Why Calories Count, written with Malden Nesheim. Bittman asked Nestle a simple question: "Is a calorie a calorie?" And her response was perfect: "Yes and no. It's Talmudic."

But that doesn't mean it is too complicated to understand. The calorie turns out (like most things in life) to be political, and that's an intriguing aspect of this book, as well as, frequently, of Bittman's columns. We vote what we eat? Well, we certainly do vote with what we eat, at least three times a day.

Nestle is a pioneer of today's food movement. She's been giving us the same advice for decades. I am taking Nestle's slogan to heart, literally: "Get organized. Eat less. Eat better. Move more. Get political."

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