We all know that New York City's High Line, our park in the sky, is irresistibly hip. But what I love about it is its irresistibly old-fashioned charm. What is a spring garden without that beloved perennial, the crocus? These amethysts are spangled throughout the old train tracks, and they look cozy and sweet in their warm gravel beds.

So they're showing off those bold jewel tones a bit early this year? Every gardener I know is talking about how everything is coming in three weeks ahead of time. Could everyone stop scratching his head, wondering why? We know: Global warming... Debbie Downer Alert! Let's just enjoy the warm sunshine and the dazzling colors.

Not to get side-tracked. Up on the High Line, hipsters of all stripes, wearing tight jeans as colorful as the Easter eggs in children's baskets, were examining the croci pushing up from the dried straw, the wintry remains of grasses. Clearly they'd never seen the likes. Which is another adorable thing about hipsters, and their hip parks. The most common things are greeted with wonder.

So this weekend, if you are in New York City, spring forward, stroll the length of this lovely new park, and say hello to the harbingers (how often do we get to use that word, eh?) of spring.

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