Yesterday, as I was walking through Central Park, I stumbled into a small media hubbub having to do with a bird.

A sparrow, to be precise.

She had built a nest inside a traffic light, just at the edge of Fifth Avenue. A reporter was asking people whether they thought the city should remove the bird's nest. Most hadn't even noticed the nest, which, as it turned out, was cleverly placed in front of the yellow light.

My response, of course, was that this being NYC, the bird knows perfectly well no one pays attention to yellow lights. So she should be left alone. The reporter nodded amiably. And probably called the city for a comment.

I went back today, to see how the bird was faring. No more nest. This is the downside of media attention. The big downside. The nest was gone. The birds were still there, though, looking a perplexed....hey, last night we had a home here, a nice home, and today? what happened? I wonder if she had already laid eggs?

All the way home, I kept humming that Simon and Garfunkel song about the sparrow...."Who will love a little Sparrow? That's traveled far and cries for rest? Not I, said the Oak Tree...."

Nah, I'm not going to get all Pale Male on you here. But still, couldn't they have moved the nest AFTER Passover? 


Flowerchild said...

I remember Pale Male. Nice annology.

Anonymous said...

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floridacracker said...

His eyes are on the sparrow.

Anonymous said...

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