I have always wanted to see an owl. For years. Decades. I've heard them--I've been wakened out of a deep sleep by an orchestral mating ritual. I've seen them stuffed, in museums. I've ogled paintings and photographs. But a live one? Never. I read somewhere that you should pay attention to what birds hang around you. I went through a mourning (or is it morning?) dove period, then a hawk era...but no owls. It became an obsession. Why weren't they showing up? Friends borrowing my house saw owls--on their first night, no less. But I didn't.

Until last week, I did. I was so startled that first I thought there was a raccoon high in the tree. Or the Chesire cat. But it was a Great Horned Owl. I watched while it hunted. Then one day there were TWO sitting side by side on a branch, cuddling. Fluffing each other up. I was transfixed. What does this mean? WHOOOO knows? (How could I resist that?) Perhaps only if you wait long enough...

An enormous coyote trotted across the back meadow. I thought he was a German shepherd but his tail was ratty.

Last weekend, during dinner with friends in Rhinebeck, who should show up but a Luna moth (which I thought was a lunar moth, I am so ignorant of the Moth Kingdom.)

I cannot say that I waited forever to see a Luna moth but now that I have I cannot wait to see another. This one would not hold still for a moment.

It was an otherworldly creature, huge and limey green, turquoise....I felt like Tinkerbell had stopped by. Thrilling. 

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