Great quote from Richard Leakey, now a professor of anthropology at Stony Brook University, in the New York Times, about global warming--and why we shouldn't be lazy, negligent, or defeatist in fighting it. I had to share it with you. And will continue to share all summer.

For those of you who don't understand why bad news is a part of slow love life? I've been giving this a great deal of thought over the last few months, and would love to discuss.

Here is where I stand now. We mustn't only escape into love. Love can motivate us--it is a fuel, perhaps the original sustainable, renewable force. I won't belabor this metaphor, but want to say that love can be as motivating as fear. We have been given this miraculous gift of a planet; we celebrate its beauty and magnificence, and our enjoyment of it. If we have true gratitude for such a blessing, we want to cherish our world, and pass it on to our children, and theirs.

We'll be sweltering this summer. It already feels like July--in May. I have a profound nostalgia for the way weather used to be. This year has seen record temperatures across the country.

We can stop this.

“The link between the past and the future, as seen in the present, is fundamental to stewardship of the climate,” Mr. Leakey said. Some have taken comfort from evidence that the climate has changed drastically before, he noted, but that misses the point of the revelations of fossil evidence.
“Go to the geologic record and say, oh yes — five mass extinctions before,” Mr. Leakey said. “If this is to be the sixth, there’s going to be a disaster. You’ve got five previous examples. It doesn’t matter to say, oh, it’s happened before. Indeed it has. We can read it. That makes you twice as scared.”
Scared enough to do something, right?  Scared enough that we can see the need to direct our love of this world to take action. Every action helps. Every, single thing that pushes us in the right direction, however small, will make a difference. Don't turn your back. That's not loving. 

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