A terrific piece by my pal Kerry Trueman from our Moms Clean Air Force site, in honor of Father's Day. Her dad is a super conservative Republican in Orange County, California--and a serious steward of our environment. Kerry's thoughts on why these are hardly incompatible positions are quite moving--and rang true for me. I had the same kind of dad, Connecticut version. I can't see a light switched on in an empty room without flicking it off and thinking, WASTE!

Very Funny Guy Mark Burns (Married to the Mob) writes about Dad Skills--and makes a profound point about one skill missing from every list he's seen about How To Be A Good Dad. So he adds it.

And finally, Rob Sisson, AKA Ranger Rob (as I have just learned), the head of ConservAmerica: Republicans for Environmental Protection, writes beautifully about fishing with his dad and grandfather. They gave him the gift of love for this gorgeous world--and he wants to be sure he passes it on to his sons.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there, including my own beloved. 

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