Ever wonder why your doctor told you to stop eating tuna when you were pregnant? Or why your mercury levels are elevated after months of sushi lunches? Mercury poisoning--from coal-fired power plants. (And, by the way, for all women even considering pregnancy, careful doctors advise cutting mercury-contaminated fish from your diet a year ahead of time.)

The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards is a good, strong rule that will protect millions of lives--and stop poisonous mercury contamination of our fish and rice.

Funny how these free market Senators squawk when commodities dear to their hearts take a tumble--because of the markets. Natural gas is now so cheap that we aren't as dependent on coal--but we're still using plenty of it, and we're exporting tons as well. Still, Inhofe is blaming regulations for a situation that is completely market dependent.

I'm not for runaway regulations. But I am for protecting our Clean Air Act--a jewel in our democratic crown, and one that citizens across the globe would love in their countries. Let's keep the Clean Air Act sturdy and resilient, for all our sakes.

Please call your Senators to tell them not to join with Senator Inhofe in killing the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. Senator Inhofe's effort could come to a vote as early as this week.

Click here—we make it easy to know who and how to call.

And thank you once again for standing up for clean air.


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