Just a heads up on a couple of good solid articles for anyone who has ever loved her breasts, or someone else's. Many of us are glad to see the pink washing come to a close. We should be racing for the cause as fast as we were racing for the cure--but of course, when you are ill, all you want is to be better. Scientists are getting closer to pinning links between environmental pollution and breast cancer, but this work is painstaking and slow. Meantime, we all do what we can to live healthier lives, and to protect ourselves from all sorts of cancers.

In tribute to my friends who have suffered through this terrible disease--and there are too many of them--here are the best two pieces I've read about breast cancer recently.

The first must-read is an interview by our Moms Clean Air ForcePublic Health Policy and Outreach Manager, Molly Rauch, with author Florence Williams. Florence has written an incredible book called Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History. I met Florence's mother-in-law at a fund-raiser for a food reporting organization called FERN, the Food and Environment Reporting Network, itself a worthy group; she did what every good mother-in-law (and every good friend) should do, which was to rave about the book to the point that I had to go out and learn more.

The second is a column by Virginia Postrel, a writer at Bloomberg News whose work I follow closely, as I am a huge fan. She's smart, incisive, and opinionated. She reminds us that breast cancer is actually several different diseases, and explains why we would do well to bear that in mind as this month of foundation fund-raising comes to a close.

I'm sure many of you have come across other worthy pieces this last month; please feel free to add them to this thread for all of us to share. 

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