Jeremy and Hanne Grantham are two of my favorite people in the world. They are ardent and well-informed climate hawks, doing everything they can to not only sound the warning about climate change, but to help stop it. Theirs is a delightful dinner table, because they keep everyone engaged in the conversation, and keep talk from sliding into the trivial and banal. Hanne and Jeremy are also among our Moms Clean Air Force godparents, early advisors whose message is always: push harder! run faster! be louder!

I have learned a great deal from both of them about what's happening to our planet--and what we can do to stop it. I've also learned something even more important: never to give up, never to fall silent, never to be cowed, never to feel hopeless--always to keep trying. This piece by Jeremy is a must-read. He comes at things from an investor's perspective--totally unlike mine, but he is able to make what might be arcane completely accessible. I urge all of you to read this article from Nature, and to pass it along to everyone you know.

We must deny the deniers their power to blind and confuse us. We must urge our leaders, both Republican and Democrat, to come up with a plan of action that stops carbon and methane pollution, that strengthens our economy, and that puts our ingenuity and brains to use. America must remain at the cutting edge of the vibrant, clean and sustainable energy technologies of the future. That's good for all of us, and most of all, for our children. And theirs.


Mia said...

This is an extremely important subject, however, i have wonder, if, like women's rights, this is another issue that has been brushed under the rug because we are all too busy, stressed and overworked to pay attention. I admire all who have stayed the course and fought hard for our fragile environment. I will never take anything for granted again....not after this election.

warren said...

I am bummed out by (1) the few comments posted to your 'day' job writing on the environment and (2) the current day economics that make investment in alternative energies so unprofitable that the Prez rolled-over on his energy policy at his press conference. Presently in Washington state the enterprising Chinese want a coal-loading terminal that would unload hundreds of rail cars each day. brought from Wyoming (while the dust slowly wafts off the open cars). Imagine the pollution, exported from here, to return airborne back here.

Anonymous said...

Powerfully written article by Jeremy. I've passed it along on FB & Twitter. And thank you for sharing it on your blog. The more of us there are in the planet the less communities we build and the more readily we can access information the more stupid we become. Have little hope that our current congress will move on climate change in the near future. It's pretty scary

Paul said...

Rape and pillage the world's resources for a quick profit today and little regard for the consequences. Nothing is safe from the greed of mankind. As the world population continues to grow, the exponential ride on the curve to disaster continues unabated. All the education in the world and we don't use it. Where has all the common sense gone. Can't we have an intellectual worldly discuss or does it all have to lie in the hands of politicians who's primary agenda is to get re-elected.