As you can tell from my review in The New York Times, I was deeply moved by Barbara Kingsolver's new novel, Flight Behavior. I'm a huge fan of her work, and here she's on sacred ground: what are we to do in the face of a radically changing climate that isn't going to make anyone's lives easier? Kingsolver's novel is especially plangent on how issues of faith come up against issues of science--and we needn't abandon one for the other. But the other thing this novel has going for it? It is a great, old-fashioned read, full of eccentric, funny, beautiful and otherwise fascinating characters. I hope you all enjoy it. [Image from Butterfly Wallpapers, itself fascinating--appropriately enough, on a crown of thorns vine, or the Passionflower--Passiflora caerulea]


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warren said...

Boy you sure write well! I remember seeing my first and only swarm of Monarchs (OK it was about 50) and it WAS moving. How do the returnees know where home is. Amazing!