Yesterday, the National Rifle Association released its first statement since the shooting in Newtown last Friday. Better late than never, the NRA announced it is "shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the murders".

It is now time for the NRA to show leadership. Better late than never. The four-million-member organization, which has blocked every single effort to create laws that will control the proliferation of semiautomatic weaponry in people's homes, stopped representing moderate gun owners a while ago. Did they become its silent majority? Where are they now? And yes, there is such a thing as a responsible gun owner. I grew up with one.

I'm a Browning. My ancestor, from a branch of the family that went to Utah with Brigham Young, is John Moses Browning (who looks unnervingly like my father and grandfather). He invented the Browning Automatic Rifle, among many other guns--a fact I learned about in high school, to my profound dismay. Here I was marching against the Vietnam War, only to learn of this family connection to the history of guns, including machine guns used in WWI and WWII.

I shouldn't have been surprised. My father has always kept guns in the house. Rifles. Pistols. Locked away, always--in a display case. He doesn't kill animals for sport, though he did as a child in rural Kentucky, hanging out his bedroom window shooting squirrels and other "varmint". (Sudden flash of memory to my high school principal calling us long-haired protestors "vermin"....)

My father shoots clays, targets. He is an excellent marksman, even into his eighties, and he loves the sport. When my first son was born, my dad showed up at the hospital with a gift for him. He had carried it down from Connecticut to Texas, checking it with his luggage on the plane. I gasped. It was a small rifle, a Remington. I could appreciate its simple elegance. Still, I was surprised.

It was the best thing he could think of to give his first grandchild, it was offered with love and pride, and it spoke to his hope of one day teaching his grandchildren how to handle guns--his hope of sharing with them just a bit of the pleasure of his Kentucky childhood. Whatever made us happy in childhood, we want our children to know that happiness, too, I have found. To this day, all the cousins (including the girls) enjoy shooting targets with Poppy, or taking aim at bottles set up on wall. I never took to the sport--not that my dad didn't try to teach me--but I did learn a healthy respect for a gun.

Of course I called my dad after the Newtown shooting. The NRA has been part of our conversation for many years. I've been on his case for a while, because he has been such a staunch defender of the organization. I was surprised. Even he is disgusted with the NRA.

"They've gone too far," he said to me, his voice shaking with anger and shock. "I've been thinking this for a couple of years now. The NRA is against everything. They want no restrictions. It is ridiculous. They're protecting the right to own things no one needs in their homes, or for sport. The NRA has become extreme. They lose their credibility because of it."

I get a chuckle when liberals hold focus groups to find out how to communicate with conservatives. Welcome to my life. For decades, my father has been my tried and true touchstone for the staunchly right wing position on everything from gun control to health insurance to climate change. I've learned a great deal about what works, and what doesn't, in our arguments. These days my father has strong opinions about the state of America's popular culture, too; he is dismayed by the violence he sees at the movies, on television, in online comments, in video games. I agree. He feels we've become a country where people don't care about each other--something no gun law can regulate. But that culture, he says, is connected to the NRA's position; it doesn't seem to care either.

"The NRA has taken no responsibility for its contribution to the mess we are in. Not one degree. And that is wrong."

I urged my father to write a letter to the NRA, as a lifelong member. He brightened and said, "Good idea." Then he said, "But they don't care what I think."

I predict that the NRA will now care. And if the millions of responsible NRA members speak up, the ones who think we should restrict ammo clips and semiautomatic weapons, and take other sensible measures, because so many of the guns out there have nothing to do with hunting or target practice--if responsible gun owners speak up, the NRA will listen. Everyone must speak up. Responsible citizens should demand reasonable, just regulations that protect us. But we should be aware that it will take far more than gun laws to change this mess. And it is up to all of us.

With the NRA or without it, we will have new gun laws after the Newtown massacre. The alternative--another such killing--is unthinkable. And those twenty precious children, barely out of babyhood, and the adults who died protecting them,  their arms wrapped around their students, will not have vanished from our lives without having made a powerful change for the better.


Shaun Dakin said...

Thank You Dominique.

Jessie said...

I too hope that this is the tipping point toward a saner approach to guns and ammunition. This morning, however, I was appalled to read that the governor of my state (VA) is suggesting that the possibility of arming teachers should be a part of the conversation. Insane. Just insane.

Joseph the Butler said...

I appreciate this entry so much. Thank you.

deb said...

A calm and eloquent perspective on this issue is so very much appreciated. Thank you. I'll be sharing it.

Grown and Flown said...

I often, arrogantly, thought about how much my conservative Texas dad could learn from me- his forward thinking Texas daughter and, boy, did I argue my more liberal positions on politics (and hunting) with him every chance I got. He died 7 years ago, at 80, and I only wish he was alive for me to be having the same conversation you are having with your father. Dad grew up hunting and would have been as disgusted with the sorry state of the NRA as your father. I hope your dad writes to them. I hope every card-carrying member writes to them to tell them "enough."

Judith said...

Great post. Thank you!

Mia said...

Oh My goodness, now, its the teachers job not only to teach our children and guide them, the Governor of Virginia whats them to bear arms?????? Wow, this is just insane, why don't we make all elementary schools police states too. This puts new meaning to the saying "You can"t legislate common sense".

MMB said...

I am not a gun owner nor am I an NRA member but I think we all need to think more rationally about this issue. Right now there is a huge emotional reaction which is understandable. Everyone is sick over this recent shooting. That is not the basis for good public policy, though. This genie cannot be put back in the bottle.


DominiqueBrowning said...

I agree, Mia, scandalous. Someone mentioned to me an excellent piece that was written by a retired cop, after the movie theater shooting in Colorado. I think it was in the NYT but I haven't tracked it down. Anyway, he explained why arming citizens was an awful idea, what kind of training you need to think fast, how many things go wrong when even professionals have guns in emergency situations, and so on. My friend said she thought it was the best piece she had ever read about why the idea of teachers, etc., being armed was madness.

Mia said...

I disagree, yes the genie can be put back in the bottle, in fact it has to go back, we as a nation have got to get this some control over the loose way guns are being sold. Do you think that this is a new issue, it is NOT, President Obama has seen 4 of these horrific tragedies in 4 years.
I really take offense to the "rationally", what in gods name is rational about killing 20 6 year olds and 6 young teachers? Its great that you can think rationally right now and hold yourself above the frey MMB, thank god that so many people have been galvanized to insist on new laws concerning gun control. Let me make this clear, no one is over reacting here, the time for change has come.
Yes, this sheds light on the extreme need for the country to make sure its citizens are safe, this is the United States after all, we are not a third world country . It should not be hard to pass legislation that wil lget some control over who can buy guns and who can sell them, and what type of guns are being sold. The best public policies are always made after society demand its. I understand that what happened cannot be stopped now, but it can be prevented in the future if people do just what you are saying they shouldn't, react, and push forward, take it to the streets if need be, in fact that's the only way change will come on most issues, but especially this one.

William said...

So totally and utterly off-topic, but I heard this song on my morning radio station WFUV this morning and have been turning friends on to it all day. Awesome.


karens said...

"He feels we've become a country where people don't care about each other." maybe this simple truth is at the heart of it all...

warren said...

I agree. The advantage is always with the assailant.

warren said...

PS: Before anyone comes to the wrong conclusion, I too am opposed to these guns. I don't think, however, that we can legislate a solution returning us to bolt-actions.

Rullegardiner said...

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Anonymous said...

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jill weiss said...

This is an absurd statement: "Hunting was never about the killing but the gifts of nature and insights learned along the way." You did kill when you hunted. You killed. Video games are pretend--nothing that is alive gets killed. Don't get all Zen about your own killing and then say those that are pretending are the problem.

Judith said...

Love this William. Thank you so much, and not off topic at all. We need beauty to see us through times like these.

warren said...

Economically agri-biz makes it cheaper to buy pre-killed, shrinkwrap at the store than go through what I go through. So if hunting WERE just about killing, it would be irrational to do it.

Of course I take responsibility for the killing; I only shoot what I eat. My point is about the other benefits that are overlooked in the process. NONE of those benefits are part of this discussion about guns and homicide.

jill weiss said...

Warren, I'm not a fan of shoot em up games either but you say: "...they can get pretty close to the real thing in their own bedroom each day" and I don't think video games come close at all to killing a living thing, so I object to your saying it does. [and people do irrational things all the time...]

Jessie said...

Mia, Yes, I have written to the governor and expressed my absolute dismay and concern. It is insanity.

Jessie said...

Remember this? http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/26/nyregion/bystanders-shooting-wounds-caused-by-the-police.html?pagewanted=all

warren said...

Noted. One thing you learn in gun safety classes is a gun is the last thing one should have around when CHOOSING to act irrationally.

Rebecca Mitchell said...

Dominique -- You are very lucky to have been able to have that conversation with your father. My father, who was an officer in the Army Ordinance Corps in WW II, was a life member of the NRA. He kept guns (locked out of sight) for killing woodchucks in the garden, red squirrels infesting the barn, and occasional recreational target practice. We never had the conversation about the NRA. After he died one of the first things my mother did was get the guns out of the house. I like to think that were my father still alive he would be sending the NRA the torn shreds of his membership card.

Anonymous said...

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Darlene said...

Liked it. It made me cry.

Mia said...

Well, by now we all know the outcome of the NRA news conference, pretty unbelievable, accusing the other side of using politics at a bad time. Like the President of the United States shouldn't come out and try to remedy an out of control mess! Besides really who is more political then NRA.
I especially enjoyed the call for government money to be used for mental illness. Wow, that's a switch, this from the folks who want to cut government spending, and especially in the areas of health and welfare.
Listening to that press conference was like watching a disaster in sequence, one mistake after another. My father who is 84 years old and a life long member of the NRA, was so incensed, he too is writing the NRA and telling them not to send any corresponding again Disenchanted with the NRA for a while this is the straw the broke the camels back.

It seems as we have every excuse in the book being put out there, reasons why we should not have gun control, although some make perfect sense, others are just a red herring for the real problem. Living in denial will not save lives but, gun control laws will.

warren said...

It WAS pretty awful. I once had a need to carry a pistol for self defense so I took a handgun safety class. In it you learn that a man with a knife can run twenty feet in less than 2 seconds -- faster than a TRAINED cop can draw and shoot. So the advantages are always with the assailant.

In the case of the schools the same rules apply. Putting a guard with a gun in a school will do what security cameras and warning signs do outside my house: The deterrents won't stop a bad person from carrying out their ultimate crime, but they will make the assailant go some place else to kill. It's a small win.

Mia said...

Yes, a small win, and costly, which seems to be the call of the day, cut the deficient, really wouldn't it be easier to ban the sale of assault rifles? I appreciate the information you are providing to us Warren, my husband was a life long member of the NRA, he to0 carried weapons at times and took training. This was at a different time though, when the sale of assault weapons was not common, (they were just for soldiers at war) not for general public and every overzealous person and unfortunately mentally unstable people. Times have changed, and we need to address them, this is the 4th wakeup call in 4 years, if not now when?? One has to ask why, the need NOT to address this issue?

Shaz said...

I grew up on a farm as the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. Guns were necessary... and dangerous... and to be feared...and to be understood...and taken seriously. IMHO guns are a necessary part of life but semi automatic weapons are not. Like you Dominique I wonder where the voices of the moderates in the NRL have gone and why they ar letting the debate be derailed by fanatics. I agree that the NRL are rapidly losing credibility and worry about what will happen next. Thankyou for this well written, balanced piece - it's exactly what I think the debate is currently missing. God bless.

Shaz said...

Sorry, typos - NRA not NRL.

Mia said...

Great Jessie, i have done the same. I have also written to my senator and to my congressman.
Also, in my area a group of grandparents that are for gun control has formed and i have signed up for that too. i just spent 3 days with my charming 3 year old granddaughter, you can imagine the fear i felt when the bells were ringing everywhere on Friday morning, while holding her. Its so painful to even think of those parents, so young, to have their whole life filled with such searing pain. All of it, just so unthinkable.

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